Monday, September 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Andyrewster!!!!

I am dedicating this post this evening to my eldest son Andrew...a creative...gifted...intellectual and sensitive young man
who continually makes me proud to call "Him"...Son! We have shared many adventures together over our lifetimes, but the adventures that draw us forever together are each of the six canoe trips we made out into our beloved Thousand Islands on the beautiful St Lawrence River.

We camped,canoed,explored and painted together over the entire breadth of this magnificent waterway, sharing the beauty,sunsets, starry night skies and solitude as Father and Son in a very profound and lasting manner. Those memories will remain vivid within "Me" until my dying day...precious and indelibly etched into my soul.

He is at present,in the process of completing his Masters Degree Programme of Studies at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto,in the field of Biochemistry and Genetics.Despite towering over me now...we still share hugs ....laughs...and good times together...when he has time available from his and my own very busy lives.

I am blessed to have "Him" at my side...blessed to watch him grow into a solid,contributing individual who will leave his own mark on the world..... a better place because of his humanity and "Good Heart! Happy Birthday "River Boy"....from your ol' "River Rat" Dad XXXXXOOOOOXXXXX

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