Saturday, May 11, 2019

Rewind... and Fast Forward

Mother's Day. 2019 has arrived. Perfect weather has ushered this annual pageant.. the event itself, a harbinger of Spring. The lilting brogue of a Baltimore Oriole, resplendent in its orange and black vestments inspires Gratitude and Hope. Hope that the icy grasp of winter has finally stepped out of the room for six months.. at least and that the promise of new green life and wildflowers will very soon make us forget the icy clutches of winters' lengthy cold quickly.

Friday, I made my annual trek down to Oakland Cemetery in Brockville. I fully expected my Easter offering of a basket of Gigantico purple and yellow pansies to be ready for the dumpster. Several days of successive colder, rainy weather usually leave these hearty early blooms colour at least to dispel the drabness of late winter.

As I arrived with my brighter Mother's day offerings at my Mom and Dad's final resting place... I was overcome with the totally unexpected sight of the pot of Giganticos blooming better than when they were first placed.
Perhaps it was the even period of sun and shade... or the protective cover of the towering white pine under which my parents dwell... to Eternity. It truly was a time for Gratitude and I felt my Mom's warm presence smiling down on me... and I remembered her wise words: "When life looks rough- look UP!!"

And I did so... with Peace and Joy for the gifts she shared with me and my family of children. I paused to press forward to Mother's Day 2017... the first Mother's day without Allie. Scarcely a month after her untimely and unfair passing... and hardly a time for anything other than a deeper sense of grief and loss.
And in the Now... Sunday, May 12th, 2019 we will truly celebrate the life gifts of women in our lives who created such meaning and beauty. Women who sacrificed... who mentored and taught us how to live.

So setting sadness aside (momentarily) this Mother's Day, we will gather.... Deb, Joan and I for a meal together today and a trip down to Allie's commemorative ginkgo tree. We will decorate her tree with a new set of solar powered mini lights and flowers.Rather than tears, I intend to read this wonderful Emily Dickinson poem which came to me through Robert Genn's Bi-weekly Newsletters.

Dickinson has always been a poet I admired. A painter of paintings using simple language. A minstrel for "the ordinary man." A man such as I am... hope to remain.
Thank you to all Mothers... everywhere. Your lives truly matter!

"Hope is the thing with feathers
That perches in the soul
And sings the tunes without the words
And never stops at all."

Rich blessings to All! I close out today's post with my own painting tributes... past and into the present!

                                           " Venetian fragments... and memories of Allie"

"August on my Mind"

                                                "Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom Time"

                                                                  "Summer Reliquary"

                                            "Lilac Time at Saint Mark's Church, Barriefield"

Ironically, the quaint Barriefield Village lies directly across the road from where we now reside. I spent many pleasant hours plein airing my way around to the numerous painting locations. I intend to commence  a few trips to reacquaint  and rewind myself back to the remnants of the Past... hoping to fast forward myself with a new eye and skill set to capture Barriefields presence in 2019.

Stay tuned...

Andrew's lovely wife Melissa introduces Mr. Mac and Whitney to their newest family member, Reese Allison.

Deb cannot rightly be called "Mom" by any member of the Sherman clan. But she is readily recognized by all... for her numerous and generous contributions to ALL Shermans... large and small. That qualifies her with the honour of being a fully fledged Sherman "Mother.

"Happy Mother's Day"... Sweetest Heart!

I am truly... and deeply blessed!

               HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY... and Good Painting.                                                   to all Moms out there!!!