Friday, July 31, 2009

Resuming My Attempt at Blogging

I apologize to anyone who "might" have stumbled upon my blog for the lengthy periods between this and my last post.I really don't understand how the whole thing works really. I will continue to add a few more posts before "abandoning ship"on the project...time is to valuable to spend at my time in life by simply...."playing it away".I always try to work with purpose...and in hopes of sharing my findings along the journey.

I have been busy completing my first self-published book entitled "Two Voices-Paintings and Poetry" by A.W.Bruce Sherman.It is finally completed and can be found...and reviewed in the Bookstore...or on my web site at

I enjoy writing...but the truth be known...I love painting on lacation outdoors much more. I spent three days last week painting with my wife Deb and a painting pal David Kay in Algonquin Provincial Park...a world class wilderness destination here in Canada. Despite the fact that bit rained off and on each of the three days..our spirits weren't dampened and I came home with three creditable paintings. These have been "tweaked" with a few well placed strokes and value changes...and are now ready for the Gallery walls.

I do hope that this blog thing accomplishes something...for someone. If not...Hey! Nothing gained ...nothin' lost in the trying! I'll add some pix on the next posting! Stay tuned...or please do tune in!