Sunday, December 18, 2016

A Second Winter's Tale...

I am afraid that I have been dodging the task to sit down and write this second tale. Quite frankly, my mind... energy and spirits were high jacked the recent dreaded news that Allison's breast cancer had returned and far too quickly after what we had all believed and hoped would be its defeat.

Needless to say... everyone was left feeling helpless...  disconsolate and completely disoriented by the prospect of more chemo... never mind the long term implications for Allison's health and well-being.

 At the epicenter of this emotional tsunami was a steadying "Light"... and force; it was Allison in all of her courageous might and glory. Her stoic defiance and Faith in the face of such a relentless enemy gave each of us the necessary strength and courage to reform of family phalanx... based upon that very strength that she had chosen to embrace and follow. To deny that act of courage... would be to dishonor "Her"... and all that we love and cherish about her.

The news has most certainly drawn us all together... but as well it has caused us to revisit and remeasure "what" truly is most important in life. Many of those previously perceived "necessities" no longer have any value in our future.

The greatest gift is quite simply our personal health. As well, each of us possesses a precious handful of close  family and friends... always close by; the ones we unfortunately believe will always be at arm's length. We have quickly seen this misconception evaporate before our very eyes... in the very blink of an eye... delivered to us in a somewhat clinical and cold manner... and by a well-meaning stranger to our circle.

In the face of this unsettling news... Allison and Andrew have set course to making plans and investigating strategies for alternate treatment options. We are indeed blessed to have Andrew's good heart... strong background knowledge in genetic and biochemical theory. His contact through his current pharmaceutical link to all major hospitals in the Greater Toronto region have provided us easier and quicker-than-usual access to experts and trial studies.

A 'regular' Christmas is hardly in the cards for any of us really. Deb and I had a plan to escape to the Barbados for a long-awaited holiday and visit with my other daughter Lisa. We felt that we would have to pass on that adventure for now... but Allison is insistent that we proceed with our plans. My heart is torn... but Deb and I have put together a flexible contingency plan which would offer me a hasty return... should that become necessary.

We will leave Rockport from Ottawa Airport on Monday, December 19th... per Allison's wishes and we shall return on February 22nd if fortune smiles upon all of us.

Wishing all of my blogging friends the blessings of Good Cheer!... Good Health and Good Painting in 2017!!

God bless... "one and ALL!

Merry Christmas!