Saturday, November 16, 2019

Twice Said...

Strange... that I should rediscover this painting while looking for files to create a power point presentation for The Rideau Lakes Artists Association in Westport. Stranger still is the fact that the painting had a poem on which it was based and created.

Both were accomplished on November 18th, 2002... exactly seventeen years ago.... today! This year, a full moon did appear this week and meteor showers are forecast for our skies in this area tonight.

It was not an uncommon practice for me back then to sit down and record my thoughts and visual impressions in prose on the back of the canvas that I intended to paint on... prior to actually beginning to paint.

On most occasions, I discovered that both interpretations most often shared both similar... and different imagery. I have often wondered which version more clearly and accurately represents the Truth that I sought to capture.

In this particular case, I invite you to add your own thoughts and opinions. I would deeply appreciate hearing your thoughts.

       "On Being Wed to a Winter's Moon" - oil on canvas 20 x 24 inches   SOLD

A ring of silver illuminating her celestial soul
Drew me fully to Her.
Her face... alabaster against a backdrop of inky blue velvet,
Cast her radiance across the sheets of fresh white winter linen.
The world about me stood in solemn stillness...
Except for a handful of carelessly tossed meteors -
Ribboning their briefly seen journeys earthward.
Rows of gnarly maples in their best black night attire
Lined each side of the silvery runner that led her to the crest of the hill,
Towards the altar where She stood.
Just the faint woodwind sounds of rattling frozen maple fingers,
Accompanied by the barely audible whistle of migrating golden
eye wings
To usher me solemnly forward
No turning back
Towards my Destiny -
To be wed to a winter moon.


  1. My dear cyberfriend Bruce, your words and your painting move me very deeply and I can only explain by saying you have a great capacity for reaching into the emotional depths of the viewer/reader. Your talents are as great as your heart is large. It is a pleasure to know you in this virtual space.

  2. Dear Friend Susan... Distance plays but a very small role in enjoining kindred spirits across whatever distance. I think that this is so in regard to our Art Spirit connection. Simply put... we share the same "language" and creative purpose... whether communicating with words or paint.I am pleased... and fortunate to share cyber moments, along with my paintings with "You" Thank you for your kind words and Blogger Land presence. Happy Painting!

    Warmest regards,

  3. Wow Bruce you are a great poet as well as a wonderful painter! Such beautiful words, very romantic and beautiful as your words have the viewer think of the delicate world of the moon and the landscape.

  4. Thank you Lass,

    But I view myself merely as a wordsmith and painter... simply passing through. HA HA!For For so long in human history, the moon and other planets were viewed as separate from our own terrestrial landscape. Now... that mankind has set foot upon the moon's surface... and looks soon to perhaps colonize Mars... is not travel further within the Universe itself.... Man's Destiny???

    I wonder...
    Thanks for your very uplifting comments and presence Caroline.

    Warmest regards,

  5. Good Morning Bruce,

    On my first reading of this post, I found that the painting influenced how I reacted to the poem, and I couldn't get it out of my mind. So I copied the poem for reading separately later. When I did that, I found that the words conveyed to me a much colder scene, with a fainter light, and deep shadows beyond. Very different from the bright and colourful warm notes in your painting. I wonder whether that says something about me! Or is it that the act of painting encouraged you to see the warmth in the subject.

    It's fascinating how imagination and observation compare and contrast.

    All the best,

  6. Good morning Keith,

    Thank you for visiting and sharing your insightful response to the contents of my last post. As artists, we only hope that our thoughts, motives and artistic efforts are received and transposed into meaningful personal interpretations by the viewer.

    It seems obvious to me that this outcome occurred in your case here. That pleases me greatly. I highly suspect that your reasoning is absolutely correct.In the coldest of days painting outdoors... one continually searches for those warm(er) patches of interest in the landscape which lays in front of you.

    When you fail to find such "warm' spots of relief the imagination simply imagines it or... in my language... "imagineers" it. Thank you for your extra effort to understand the difference... and to share your thoughts here!

    Warmest regards and Blessings Keith,

  7. Nice painting and very beautiful winter moon !!!