Tuesday, September 25, 2018


The meanings for the word change within the dictionary are dramatically variable. In its broadest sense, change can be said to be the act of becoming different and that can apply to almost anything observable. People become different through change. Seasons certainly change and the landscape shouts out clearly that a change is in the air. Both people and seasons can appear different by simply changing their dress. That is the case at the moment. Both will change out of necessity and simultaneously... as fall moves towards the cold of winter. This is all a part of  a natural cycle... so it does not totally come as a complete surprise.

However... there are parts of life that demand change that cannot be predicted or anticipated. Adaptation to those changes is not simple and in fact... can be very painful. The adaptation most likely will be long lasting.

Loss as an example... and therefore the process of change that is absolutely necessary to navigate the process of grieving often requires the expertise and skilled support of a neutral party... a therapist. I am indeed fortunate to have such resource... and I have returned to her seeking more support because I felt myself losing ground that I had fought hard to gain when Allie first passed away.

We have just completed our second meeting in our second round of counselling. I already feel much more relaxed and confident.The first session really was just reviewing what the basic elements of change were that we put in place for our first go around earlier on. Both she and I agreed that painting outdoors was cathartic and healing for me. As well... my blogging offered a  vehicle to organize and express my thoughts and ideas. So here I am... back in the saddle again!

I started the process of readying myself for the task by cleaning up my studio space and preparing my painting equipment to engage in a plein air outing. My drifting away, or even my bravado/ego had falsely led me to think that I had the bronco tamed. Not so!

But I did persevere and face the dragon. Today's combination of writing and painting... I think bear that out both in words and in paint. What I decided to focus upon was that change begins... and ends with me.What do you think?

I wonder...

My world recorded here within this piece of prose best describes the changes that have once again begun to change the world in which I live. Being blessed to have this visual feast to enjoy once again really did lift my spirits and (almost) fill my empty heart. Perhaps my words will do the same for you if you too are struggling in your life.

Autumnal Changes in Late September

The sumac is now starting to blush
Migrating turkey vultures soar
Effortlessly, and endlessly overhead
One leering eye transfixed upon on the living, 
The other...
Always searching hungrily for the dead.
Geese are noisily gathering...
Honked farewells nearly said.

Morning mists and river spirits
Have begun their feathery rising
And Dawn... arrives too late it seems
Struggling to awaken
The creatures she reigns over
Who feel somewhat forsaken
Unnerved and bewildered
By the absence of the light too soon stolen away.

                     On location at Poole's Island, Thousand Islands Parkway east of Rockport

"Summer 2018... Slip-slidin' Away"
Oil on canvas - 11x14 inches

                                                  Happy Fall Painting and Blessings ... to ALL!!!


  1. Beautiful poem highlighting the changing season, and beautiful painting (love seeing the scene ahead of the painting!). You are still grieving and will do so until you do not (no one can time such a thing), but I hope the sharpness of the loss softens over time and with help from someone who can help you through. All the best, Bruse, and thanks for another fine post.

  2. Beautiful Bruce - simply beautiful. Please be kind to yourself - grief can be so cruel. With hugs, much love and best wishes.

  3. Good morning Rhonda... Thank you for your kind and supportive words.Glad that you enjoyed this post.Writing helps to dissipate the unpleasant thoughts that accompany grief and confusion.

    My painting works in tandem with that to center me and positive comments from my various blogging family members simply reinforce the belief that my path forward is lined with friends such as you!

    Thank you Rhonda!

    Good Painting and warmest regards,

  4. Thank you for your wise and caring words Lisa! I deeply value your presence and those always encouraging words that send my way.

    Love and hugs back to you... and by the way... I love those new "puppy shapes" that you are playing and having such fun with. Good results will occur with that!

    Warmest regards,

  5. Your words do help this one struggling with her loss. Those words are beautiful. Thank you.

  6. Good morning Wendy... Thank you for your encouraging presence and words! What we share beyond loss and grief... is the courage to struggle... together... in reciprocal trust

    We will heal and continue to embrace the sweet memories we will have and carry forward always... of our loved ones.

    Happy Thanksgiving... and rich blessings of Peace Joy and Good Health Wendy.

    Warmest regards,