Thursday, April 26, 2018

"Believe in MIracles"... and I do!

One year ago today our lovely daughter Allison Morgan was too suddenly carried off by the ravaging beast - breast cancer. All of her courage and determination could not stave off the relentless and savage attack upon her entire body.

There was little doubt that this heinous killer of too many young women did in fact achieve its goal to rob her of her health and her right to live out her already celebrated achievements. But what it could not claim... was any victory over her indomitable spirit and will to live. She maintained that right up to the very end.

Her courage and determination continues to fuel courage and possibility for each of us who knew her... loved her and respected her intellect and bravery. I get up and go ahead each day... determined to carry out the life she expected me to finish in her stead. I paint... therefore... "I am."

"Winter's Sweet Surrender" says so much about the grace and dignity Allie maintained during her valiant struggle. The coldness of Death has been overcome. What is left is the rich and lasting afterglow... signalling the possibility of Spring... ans Summer.

We shared the grandeur of Nature... the beauty of Fine Art... but never more than the art and Architecture of her beloved Venice. We shared something else which continues to bridge even the abyss of Darkness and Death. We shared an unwillingness to give up the miracle of childhood. We forged ahead in an adult world... attending to the necessary duties of daily life that come with "growing up."

But we always found time to bring out the "Child Within"... and to play together. She was never ashamed of her childhood toys... her Friends right up till the end of her life. Her Friends were with her at each convocation to accompany her to receive her diplomas. They were all gathered about her in her "sick bay" nest.

                                                                   Age Four... with Piggy

                                                          Ella in tux and Al graduate at Queen's

She and I shared a deep and abiding love of the Muppets... and in particular Ms. Pig her alter ego while I assumed that of Kermie. It was a match made in heaven... one which remains to this very moment. I miss that Pig that could turn on you and then kiss you in one foul swoop! It was magical!

In closing out this post today... I wish to say that our family is meeting and throwing an evening for eighteen of Allison's art associates at her fav pasta joint tomorrow evening. Bro' Andrew and family are coming to be with us here at the Rock for the weekend. Lots of laughs... good Italian food... and of course,we'll be tipping glasses of Allie's Prosecco to toast her.

I think she will be strongly present in spirits... smiling down upon us from somewhere over our rainbow...

I wish to share something very,very personal with each of you that Allie and I shared and believed in. I think that there is a message for us all  in it... not just for children. As a child... she "understood" even then. She was an ..."old spirit."

                                                  A very early Allie and Dad "Art-i-fact!"

Rich blessings to ALL!

I love you FOREVER Sweet Heart!


  1. Dear Bruce this was a very sweet post. What a wonderful way to celebrate your daughter's life with those who knew her so well. Your painting is just beautiful - God Bless

  2. Hi Bruce, my thoughts are with you at this difficult time. The best way to get through it must be to share it with friends and family, and turn it into a celebration of Allie's life. If you read this in time, I'm sure her spirit will be with you all at your pasta get-together.

    Best Wishes,

  3. What a warm and loving painting and post today. I hope your evening together is wonderful and full of great stories about Allison. Isn’t it wonderful that we can maintain our childhood delights as we age - and refuse to be old fuddy duddies no matter how much we age. In the scheme of things, Allie was still just a girl and I am so sorry for your terrible loss - but she’s with you every day in your heart and mind and I know she’s smiling at your posts and your memories of her. Take care, big hugs as you reach this 1-year milestone (seems like days only).

  4. Dear Debbie!... Thanks for stopping by to comment and for the addition of your supportive words!

    We so enjoyed the get together and the combination of all of the good things in life that Allie loved to take part in! It mad passage through the "troubled waters" that we were forced to face again in good company... and with uplifted hearts and spirits.

    Warmest regards and blessings!

  5. Hi Keith! ... You expressed my feelings exactly! Golod Friends... good food and good memories form the perfect recipe for spiritual recovery.

    WE all came away feeling uplifted an filled with the aura of Allison's continued powerful presence.

    Thanks for checking in and for adding your powerful words of support! We were blessed to have her in our lives!

    Warmest regards... and blessings!

  6. Hi Rhonda!... The pasta n' prosecco gala evening came off beautifully as planned! The feeling of kinship and love clearly revealed Allie's ongoing presence in each of our lives.

    The shared reminiscences and laughter underscored the remaining feelings of joy that each of us hold dear... and close to out hearts. Allie's heart and being remain youthful and clear despite her departure from physical being. The love and respect that she imprinted in our psyches remains ever strong!

    Thanks for for continuing to add supportive comments and to maintain` a positive presence her on my blog~!

    Warmest regards and a blessing!

  7. Hi there Lisa!... The get together tough a bit sad... was so uplifting and positive for all who shared the evening's festivities! A perfect celebration and Allie's presence was felt.

    We selected a lovely frame for your etching gift Lisa. Can't wait to get it home to be hung with our collection of favourites! Thank you... once again!

    Warmest regards... and Hugs back to you!

  8. Rainbows have nothing to hide :) Love Kermie!!

  9. Hi Dear Rhonda!... If only the rest of the world shared in... and practised that belief... the "pot of gold" would be accessible to all. Heaven... would be here on earth!

    Thank you for sharing your love!

    Hugs XX

  10. Dear Bruce,
    Beautiful words for a beautiful spirit and light. Your courage and determination are such an inspiration.
    Much love to you and your family,

  11. Thank you Suz... for your own beautiful words... presence and Light to add support.

    Strangely... my own courage... determination and will to press on relates in so many ways to the role model you exhibited for us when your Tim passed.

    "Omnia vincit amor." .... Love conquers all!

    Much love back to you from our Family.

  12. Dear Bruce such a beautiful post, thoughts are with you. Yours is a message of hope! thank you! Very best wishes Caroline in Scotland

  13. Good morning Lass!... Thank you for your sentiments and continued presence. Much appreciated Caroline!

    Warmest regards,

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