Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Life's About Family

I must apologize for the delay in posting this salute to the other members of my family... who have contributed to the success and joy of my life since they entered into my family circle. Each of them brings their own sense of uniqueness and specialness to our lives. Our lives would be so diminished and hollow in their absence... were that to occur. I pray that it never does... again!

So much of my time, energy and focus... even here on my blog has been directed towards trying to make sense of and to come to grips with the sudden and tragic loss of dearest Allison on April 24th, 2017. I think it unnecessary to apologize to them from the oversight that I bring to you here on my blog site. I feel that even for the ardent members of my blogging family, I need not apologize for any feelings that I have displayed or spoken about. You simply understand... and I read that from your continual presence and uplifting words of love and support.

Monday, February 19th, 2018... just passed was the perfect moment to acknowledge the gift which these family members are to me. It is the day set aside in Ontario... and other parts of Canada as "Family Day". Families lucky enough to be located nearby each other attend functions created by the family itself, or the community where they are located In many cases... those events are held outside... such as skating on the world's longest skating rink... on the frozen Rideau Canal which is groomed and maintained for that purpose. Thousands of individuals strap on their skates and wend their way along the miles of ice surface... stopping for a warm up coffee or hot chocolate and a taste of the iconic sweet "Beaver Tail" pastry. Quite a party that we as a family have enjoyed....

So this morning... I humbly and gratefully reach out to Lisa (in the Barbados).... Andrew, Melissa, Mac and Whitney (in Rockwood near Guelph in S. Ontario)... Liam (in Oakville west of Toronto)... Bryn (studying at Trent University in Peterborough)... brother Don ( sort of retired in Victoria, BC and Joan Allison's lovingly lovely Mom in nearby Kingston).

Life would be unbearable and meaningless without the presence of each of these family members in daily life. You are each strong ling links in our family chain that Deb and I hold on to and depend upon. Deb... you fuel my daily life with Hope... Joy and Laughter. Without those magical and necessary elements of a happy life it would not be possible to continue "Believing in miracles"... which is what our beautiful celestial being Allie challenged us to carry forward in our daily lives for her.

Let us do that together... as a family!

My undying love and gratitude to each of you! Rich blessings of Health ... Happiness and Joy!

Cribbage and other board games are REALLY BIG in our family!

The first brood of Sherman Grand Chicks... dining in Toronto
(Lto R- Braden... "Two Amigos"... Lisa ... Ryan and Mica

Melissa and  our newest "Sprite/Sprout"...Whitney

The Homecoming... Andrew and Mr Mac 

Deb... "beside still waters".... Algonquin Park 

The Grand Gals (l to r) ...Ella Sophie and Ava Marie... the apples of Gramma's eye!

Snow Bros... l to r ... Don and Bruce

Four reasons to give thanks... (l to r) Bryn... with Gal Suzie Plamondon... Liam and Chefette Deb

                                    Gramma Joan with Mr Mac at the Cataraqui Sugar Bush

"Let your Light so shine before your fellow men (and women)... so they might see your good works and glorify your Creator..." And she DID!!!

We love "You" FOREVER Jemima Puddle Duck... to the moon and back!... and miss you every day!!



  1. Hello Bruce, what a really lovely post, a celebration of family. You are truly blessed to have such a large and wonderful family. I think as we get older we appreciate it even more. I don't have much of a family, I have a brother and an aunt but they live a long way away. But we do keep in touch by letter which is nice. My husband's family is also a long way away too which is a shame especially as they are quite elderly now. I do have good friends and those are a blessing. Some of us have a more solitary life but having said that when I am out in nature on my walks I am always so happy to see the deer, squirrels and birds.

  2. Good morning Lass!... Firstly... a BIG thank you for your response and visit to my site! You can never know how important your consistent and caring presence means to me. Today... it is a "leveller"... in an otherwise pressure-packed couple of days.

    We each live in a cocoon of sorts and whether we realize it... as we age... the cocoon becomes almost a prison because health and opportunity seem to impede our very attempts to lead "normal" lives.

    The truth is... there exists very little normalcy in a world governed by technology and competition. Our art world gives ample evidence to that fact. Our once cheery and uplifting blogging community has dwindled down to a very few. Other members have "moved on" to what they believed would be "brighter pastures"... and are now completely detached and absent.

    Did they find better??? I wonder...

    My participation in blogging has never been intended for the purpose of setting me or my art aside from others... I truthfully have just wanted to befriend and share my ideas with fellow "pilgrims". Art has been a journey... for you and I both. It was so for Jeffrey as well.

    We are kindred spirits by choice... or then again... maybe not. Perhaps we are simply a "Family"... of individuals who seek to think... act and live freely. I do feel safe and comfortable in your "presence"... and yet... I have never... might never face you physically. THAT ... is what the "others" don't get! There are others like Rhonda and Lisa who share our path.... and our dreams.

    In closing... my family is full and I love them Caroline. PLease don't read it as perfect... or that you are less fortunate. There is a price for everything in life dear Friend. Are you ready to pay the price for... and live by your choices??? That is the more serious question in my mind.

    You DO have Friends Caroline. You have created those friendships by a lifetime pursuit of using your generous spirit to seqarch for and create these ties.

    Be grateful!... Savour the Joy!... and just keep "being".... Who you are... and be Proud of "Her."

    Warmest regards and Rich Blessings!

  3. Kindred spirits we are, Bruce! Loved seeing your family photos - and you have such wonderful photos of Allison with family - a bittersweet memento of her short time with you all. Isn't it always short when we lose someone who has engraved their presence into our hearts - 40 years or 80, it seems too soon when they are taken. But our failing health, our fear of the unknown, keeps us remote at times. For me, blogging is a way of touching those people in print who I cannot touch in person; I hope we all keep in touch with our blogs and our words. Take care!!

  4. Good afternoon Rhonda!... Your every word reflects my own feelings about life... family... friendship and art. I truly feel that these are the blessings that each of us can enjoy with simple acts of caring and generosity.

    My blogging family which I discovered only by chance has become a true blessing in my life. Though its numbers have most surely dwindled lately... the quality and consistency of those members that remain... like yourself continue to fuel my own desire and need top continue further. Kindred spirits for certain... no matter the distance between us.

    Deb received your lovely lady bug postcard treasure in today's mail - she was like a kid at Christmas opening it. She is going to have it framed to join her other "red" treasures! Thank you Rhonda!

    She will be in touch... keep an eye on your mailbox...

    Warmest regards and Good Painting!
    Bruce and Deb

  5. 'Family Day' sounds like the perfect idea and a proper reason to celebrate. Such a good tradition.

    (It's funny - I think about my 'blogging family' in the same way. I am sure we all will never meet but that is a minior detail.)

    Best wishes.

  6. Hi there Lisa... Yes it is a very special tradition... and in retrospect... it bears more importance and worthiness... given that the reality that "One" in our family circle has tragically vanished... too soon. All that remains are those very special moments we created together... at a precious time... when Light prevailed over Darkness.

    Family Day should be celebrated EVERY day Lisa. I believe that our distant connection is cemented by that commonality that we share... even beyond the physical world limits.

    I am so very grateful for your presence... encouragement and example as a member of my blogging family Lisa.

    Rich Blessings and many Sunny, light-filled Days.

    PS "Never"... is not existent in my vocabulary Lisa. The Universe indeed works in very mysterious ways! For now... I would much appreciate having your "snail mail" address to send along a token of thanks to you... "Just a little something", said Eeyore

  7. Bruce, your wonderful watercolor and ink painting arrived yesterday. Thank you so much for the painting and even matting it, ready to slip into a nice frame and hang on the wall! In spite of all the junk on the internet, it's great to use it for connections like we have made. Have a good week and a warm and creative spring.

  8. Good morning Rhonda... There is Joy poissible... whenever... and whenever we can find it... make it and share it with significant others who search for Peace ... Truth and Light.

    May your Spring arrive... bringing you more of that same Joy that I passed forward to you! Glad that you are enjoying the wee sketch!

    Have a great week!
    Warmest regards and Good Painting!