Sunday, February 14, 2016

A Special Valentine's Post...

The casual usage of the word "post" by myself and many others I'm certain...  triggered the concept or "Idea" within me that has helped guide the writing of today's effort. My thank you for the inspiration goes out to a Blogger friend Lisa Le Quelenec who took it upon herself to read and to comment... adding her own thoughts to my last triptych project.

I am taking the unprecedented action  (for me)... to make use of her very insightful reflections and the striking comparison to her own creative needs and process. I believe that her very cogent observations and thoughts parallel my own. So after a very brief (for me) paragraph (or three... HA HA!) explaining background for today's four images... I will close out the post with Lisa's comments in full for you to consider.

All postal services in the world today are wrestling with real life economic issues that threaten the continuance of  "hard copy"mail... penned... and delivered letter, or card directly from one head and heart to another. That has been the postal path for over a century now... using that wonderful... but somewhat anachronistic small picture... called the postage stamp.

I can  remember the cost of postage being 3 cents anywhere in my early life. Today... a card or letter must jump through every new hoop that the post office can devise to squeeze another dime out of the consumer's hand for the mail to continue. I fear that like the penny... its days are rather numbered.

Our area consists of a number of counties, each of these subdivide into townships which contain small pockets of population.For the most part most of these consist of small villages and hamlets whose origins and economic function can be traced back to earliest settlement in Ontario. Most are struggling to maintain their presence and a viable supply of youthful residents with families.

Because these small essentially rural settlements are most always isolated from the larger population bases found in adjacent towns and cities, they seem to display and maintain a greater sense of community... and belonging. Their conservatism does indeed seem to vehemently resist any kind of change coming from outside influences. But their sense of identity and their humanity are viewed by me and many others as admirable... and necessary to the creation of Happiness. These are sacred vestiges of an earlier time... when "community" ... was more than just  a word. That is why we are drawn to  choose these special sanctuaries for our homes and businesses.

I have just completed these three small 7x5 inch oil paintings which will be housed in a single matted frame. I have agreed to donate this project to a fund-raising event/silent auction and dinner evening in support of the newly built Lansdowne Medical Clinic. This state of the art medical facility serves local residents, including Deb and I with first rate and deeply personal medical support when we need it.

The facility exists solely based upon the community energy of a few organizers and through the generosity of the many local businesses and residents. We too, join this coalition of supporters to support the community at large and to gratefully acknowledge what we have been offered in the way for friendship and acceptance since moving... "from away".

The three images are buildings... identifiable  and distinctly Lansdowne. They are all portrayed in a winter landscape because this village, like many others I visit never fail to conjure up visions of Christmas card motifs... past and present for me whenever I visit. Sending cards for "special" occasions has always been my small... yet personal way to say...  "Thank You"... or that "You matter!"

So, on this special day for hearts... Valentine's Day, I send your way Valentine's Greetings from frigid Rockport... sitting at -31 C...  Warm Wishes for  a Happy Valentine's Day... wherever you may be!

Appropriately, for a couple of good reasons... the Lansdowne "tripets" together are titled:

"Winter Fest Lansdowne"...  or... "Painting the Town Red"

Special thanks to Lisa Lequelnec at Seaside Studios Blog for these thought and post provoking insights. A visit to her creative studio blog is always a real treat for me!

"I love this piece Bruce - love love the light! And enjoying the colour and warmth. I am drawn to the horizon and thoughts of having places and spaces where wild things are. I look at your paintings and like that I am on the edge of a wilderness... coming from a built up area there aren't many places I can go to where I can be alone just "to be". The attraction of a big country like yours is the space. Maybe that's why I paint the sea so much.... I digress... I think it also speaks of the need for community and good neighbors in such a country too for sharing good times and bad. I fear that we are losing both the wild places and the community now unfortunately.

My take and probably completely wrong... anyways for me a thought-provoking painting and one I have enjoyed.

Best Wishes"

Thank you ever so much for the words to close out today's post. Your thought-provoking and inspirational words hardly digressed. Rather... they mirrored my own and spoke from another "special" heart... that I admire! They no doubt will inspire others like me as well.

Happy Valentine's Day... and Good painting... to ALL!!


  1. How wonderful to donate the triplets to a good cause and one that will benefit you and your own in your community. I like the idea of space - and yet, community - that resides in each of your paintings and your words. Lisa said it best, and I think we all need wild places but also somewhere to go to call home, and you create that very well. Happy Valentine's Day!

  2. Happy Valentine's Day Rhonda!... Thanks for your visit and positive comments!

    Yes Lisa nailed down my exact thoughts to a T. WE all need to feel that we belong... the notion of celebrating Valentine's Day underscores that very notion succinctly.

    "Wild" places can exist in our minds and well as in reality Rhonda. You as an artist cloister yourself within that very "wild" and private place every time you commence a project.

    This is what makes each of us uniquely different in our methods and our creative approaches to often similar mediums. Your own work speaks to that eloquently.

    Again... enjoy your day with "Sweetie"... doing something special. Good luck with the "remake"!

    Good Painting!
    Warmest regards,

  3. A very worthy cause and beautiful paintings. I am sure they will raise a good sum for the Clinic.

    Thank you for the mention etc. I am glad that I had read the paintings right. - Since your last post I had been thinking further about the idea of 'community'. I think that it has evolved somewhat from physically living in a location for me to include the online community that I enjoy via platforms like Blogger. It is another space where we come together to celebrate one another's victories and support each other in times of need. I often feel as I read a post that I am sat at someones kitchen/studio table sharing a cuppa.

    (..raising her coffee mug) Best wishes.

  4. Good morning Lisa!... Nice to talk with you this morning... and the sound of a cuppa java????... Right on the $$$$... We are absolutely buried in snow here in Rockport... with nearly two feet falling during the day and night yesterday. Studio bound for two days... and lovin' every moment of it!

    You're absolutely correct about the word community being expanded in our vocabulary and usage to include the on line, or social media communities. They are an additional place to find a sense of belonging and a forum for sharing and learning... together.

    Visiting your site, as I do often... I too come away feeling that the welcome mat has been laid for me and that "being" with you... in your space yields a similar feeling of enjoyment and camaraderie. Hence my salute to "You" Lisa!... and well-deserved it is!

    Good Painting!
    Warmest regards,