Thursday, November 26, 2015

Reaching Southward... Beyond the River

Looking southward this morning... towards... "the rocket's red flare"... and thankfully there were "no bombs bursting in air".

... proof in the light... "that our two flags were still there"... united!

It seems so impossible that scarcely two hundred years ago that the peacefully flowing river that separates our country was indeed the only barrier that prevented greater hostilities between the two countries than was acted out. The War of 1812-14 was like the Civil War preventable and unnecessary. And all of these decades of time and casualties later... it is lost... mostly ... in the deep sands of Time.

After 911... the heightened fear that gripped the world at large and particularly the United States necessitated closer scrutiny to Homeland Security... most especially where no fence existed. We here on the River... on both sides have felt the discomfort and  intense scrutiny when we pass from one country to the other since that time.

My own family ties have existed even before the wars mentioned on both sides of the river and continue to this day. I am proud of that fact. We have dear friends who live on that side... but come to share summers with us here in this summer Paradise.

Let us hope that Republican rhetoric never creates actual fences to create further alienation and discord between two peoples who have chosen to be together... yet share different thoughts and values. Fore bearers came to this New World to escape intolerance and persecution... to create a climate and life based upon Peace and Freedom.

It is not chance that the base of the Statue of Liberty... a gift from France to a fledgling nation should bear an open arms welcome to the poor and displaced. Let us have the courage... together as Free Nation States to open our minds... hearts and borders to those who need safe refuge from tyranny and even certain death.

Let us form a two country coalition built upon brotherhood and love. Let us "trump" those who would devalue and dishonor the the sacrifices already made to continue create the harmony that has governed our two neighboring countries peacefully through financial and political conflicts... and terror.

I reach across this fence-less border today to wish all Americans... and especially my blogging Friends...a Happy Thanksgiving and continued bounteous blessings!

Good Painting! ALL!!!

A Rockwellian timeless view of Thanksgiving... 1921


  1. Thank you so much, Bruce. I appreciate your words. Today we'll sit down with the family and feast and talk and go home overfull! Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. A Happy and safe Thanksgiving to "You"and yours Rhonda!

    Have a great turkey "stuffing"... and an enjoyable family time together!

    Warmest regards,

  3. Good morning Bruce. Open borders seem to be under pressure everywhere at the moment. They represent a spirit of tolerance and co-operation that doesn't suit the narrative of the extremists, but in the end I hope that same spirit will prevail against the small-minded people.

    All the best,

  4. Good morning Keith!... Beautifully said!!!

    Small mindedness and narrowness are an integral part of the human condition. Sadly... that has always been so throughout recorded human history. But as you point out... widely shared genuine spirit of tolerance and cooperation can indeed offset and defeat extremism... but unfortunately... not without casualties and sacrifice by an innocent few.

    We can read daily that bloggers do have the power to shape views of a large sector of the world that once upon a time... was outside of our capabilities. We all have the individual responsibility to speak out... RESPONSIBLY... to counter terrorism... or plain absurdity as it confronts or even... affronts us!

    Thanks for taking the time to offer your very important opinion and thoughts Keith!

    Good Painting!
    Warmest regards,