Thursday, October 25, 2012

Algonquin Park Bound!

A you are reading this ... I will be on the way to Algonquin Park to Paint for five days with David Kay and other long time friends.... after I drop Deb at the airport in Ottawa for her long awaited flight to Cranbrook, BC to visit with her precious Grand Girls Ava and Ella.

The tamaracks are high in their annual golden change, along with the oaks and birches... the maple glow down on the ground ... as it has done this week here. The hills have become smoky... and the colour muted ... as I prefer it! I have the car loaded with panels and canvases... a new set of paints and brushes and all of my gear loaded ready to get on the road in about an hour. I am up ( too early)... like "The Boy" always was on Christmas morn... driven by "visions of sugar plums... dancing in my head! And for me, this annual trek to The Park is exactly that. A high... and much anticipated celebration in my painting year.

I enjoyed a wonderful morning and afternoon on Pine Island at the invitation of Peter Frost and his very lovely partner in adventure Kelsey. What wonderful examples of the modern Youth! Their very obvious and earnest passion for the wild moved me deeply and restored my Hope that their are indeed stewards to whom the torch can be passed to honour... protect Mother Earth. They are here to buttress the Keats' beloved summer home in The Islands... before they return to their life of adventure back in Alaska... where they live out and realize their dreams on their 37 foot sail boat "The Privateer." They earn their daily bread precariously on their wit and love of the sea and wilderness... by conducting wilderness tours aboard their boat up the West Coast to its Arctic reaches.

But that Alaskan Adventure is a marvellous tale to be shared on another post soon! Stay tuned!

Here are some photos recording this wonderful "Prelude to Algonquin"... and yes, that will certainly be the title for my first painting in the Park. As mentioned, I plan in themes... and often have titles in mind... already linked to certain places. It saves valuable time to pre-plan... at least for the first day to kick start "the juices." I have high hopes for a productive five days of work... and pleasure and will be more than ready to share my 2012 Autumn Algonquin Adventure with you... in pictorial form!

The Keats family Paradise on Pine Island from the water... Bunkie residence on the left... main cottage to the right
 Recognize this painting? Gifted to Magsy Keats... "Sunlit Path to John Keats' Writing Refuge" be kept and handed off to Peter when she's "dome with it"

Tucked in for a long ... "Time on an Island"... I hope!

Hear ye! Hear ye spoof given to Keats by his beloved Margaret to celebrate the books publishing birth!

 John Keats' beloved manual piece of modern technology... a step up from his once trusty and sacred Underwood! The hammering of those keys still has a "ring tone" all of its own.... long gone from the memory of texting "Thumb Monkies" of today's world!

Two "River Boys" becoming acquainted... a painless and pleasurable meeting of "The Old(er) and the Younger!


A fall view snap of a Gananoque Tour Boat edging past Pine Island and the USA to the south

A photographic view of one of my Paint Out "takes" on Keat's Writing Retreat

A beautiful reflective autumn view of Zavicon Island'... stag sumac afire... and oaks fading quickly from their fall russet beauty

My Pine Island Host... Master Mariner on fresh or salt waters... and new Mate, Pete Frost. Yes Pete!... "We" are fast friends... I believe... for the rest of my time here on earth!

Kindred Spirits joined in a belief of Hope and Action...for an ailing Planet!

Would... Could you join us???? 

I wonder!....

Thanks Pete and Kelsey! Our place... when I return ... to Earth!  HA HA!!

"TA TA... for now!", as Tigger always said!... and stay tuned!

Good Painting to ALL!


  1. What a gorgeous post, Bruce. I have to tell you that the 2nd to last photo is so storybook, so perfect, so beautiful! Oh to live in just such a dream house! Trees and water bring my two favorite settings together and to have a home there? I can think of nothing better!

  2. Have a great trip, can't wait to hear of your adventures.
    Best wishes.

  3. Sounds and looks idilic! Have an amazing time!

  4. Great post Bruce, I await the tale of your Algonquin sojourn...


  5. It's it's an amazing day in Ramara township! I hope that we share the same weather! Enjoy your week away!

  6. Have a wonderful trip looking forward to hearing all about it soon, it looks a fantastic place, really beautiful in the autumn colours.

  7. Have a great trip Bruce and looking forward to your new post.

    All the best to you,