Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all Moms... wherever you are! I "hope"... that your family has taken the time to celebrate "You" on your special day that we set aside to remember your countless acts of kindness and sacrifice... to make our lives fuller... every other day in the year!

I cannot ever personally show my own Mom my gratitude for those years of gifts to "Me"... and sadly... for the first time since "She" passed on... I cannot make it down to visit and place flowers on her grave ... as has been my custom since her death. I placed chrysanthimums on her grave three weeks ago... but it just wasn't possible to make the eleven hour journey to Brockville this year. Life ... quite simply... got in the way!

I decided on Friday to abandon my next painting subject... which was to be another Bajan piece and to create a floral tribute (she adored all flowers and birds) dedicated to her memory and to share it on Mother's Day with people like my good wife Deb... my daughter Lisa blogger friend Joan Joan Sicignagno... and all other Moms who regularly visit my site! Happy Mother's Day to all!

I chose the daffodil because it symbolically represents respect... sunshine and unrequited love... feelings that I continue to feel strongly not only for my own Mom... but for Mothers in general. My own Mom defined for "Me" as a child and now as an adult... by her actions and beliefs... what the power of Hope can accomplish. She carried Hope with "Her" until the end of her journey... and I do hope that her belief in a life hereafter has been met.

Irregardless of that one Hope... the Hope that she had that each of her children and grandchildren would prosper has come to fruition. Each of us has ... or is on the way to reaching that goal according to our separate goals and desires.

So on this special day... I send this "pigmental" bouquet of Hope... and thanks... to each and every Mom that reads this post! My apologies for some bit of an unfinished look... but I wanted to post it on the day! I will tidy it up a bit later next week... a few pushes n' pulls are still needed.

Rich blessings... and thank "You"... one and all!


  1. Thanks for the visit... and yet another "pretty" Marian!Seems you're.... pretty much stuck for something to say! But thanks for the comment!

    Good painting!

  2. A beautiful tribute in both the daffodils and your words, Bruce. Love your brush strokes in this one. For some reason, it puts me in mind of Van Gogh!

  3. Hi there Sherry!...Thanks for the encouraging words... and for noting the Van Gogh connection!

    Bright flowers... unusual strokes of colour... rakish... but purposefully use of foreshortening from above. A bit "crazy"... a bit... bipolar? Hey! Good eye... and a warmly accepted compliment!

    Happy Mother's Day Sherry!

    Warmest regards,

  4. My initial impression echo Sherry's! A lovely tribute to Grandma. Flowers always make me think of her. Actually, the picture I chose of her to bring with me this time was the one you gave me of her putting out the vases of faux daffodils on the tables in the Lodge dinning room from her wheelchair. It speaks to me of her attention to those special touches on the dinner table, even at a time when the table was no longer her own. Hope to connect with you by phone today, dad. Thinking of you. Love Jemima P xoxo

  5. Thank "You" dearest Allison!... Everything you said here merely... but so elequently amplifies the underlying reasons for painting this painting.

    Gramma found purpose and meaning from the simplest gifts and tasks in life and particularly in a time and place... where others have sadly surrendered their last vestiges of purpose and Hope! It was mostly from "Giving"... of her Self ... that she created her masterpiece in her life.

    That gift lingers... and looms ever so large in my own "going out to the world... and joyously.. at this very moment with your sharing of Her... it moves forward... from "Her"... to "Me"... to "You"... in Venezia... and then to whom.... and where????

    Is that not everlasting life? That's all "I" hope for! That my good acts be remembered... and my bad ones... be buried and forgotten with

    I love "You" and am so proud of "You" Allson Jemima P BA MA PHd

  6. what a lovely painting and such beautiful sentiment! i'm a mom of two pugs so thank you!

  7. Hi there Suzanne... Thank "You" for visiting and for leaving the encouraging comments!

    "Mugs"... or pugs... doesn't matter in my books! Moms are SPECIAL people whose love... contributions and care make the world a brighter place for their "charges" to live in!

    A belated Happy Mother's Day to you Suzanne!

    Good Painting!
    Warmest regards,