Wednesday, July 10, 2019

The Unbridled Imagination... allowed to run freely

The title reflects my ongoing belief and desire to tap into this reserve. It is much like the process that I observed and always admired in children's approach to creating. I so yearned for that same freedom in my own artistic process. But you see... like all children, we are forced to leave Neverland... far too soon. We are dragged by an educational system bent upon measuring performance... "against norms."

All such "rules" are based upon studies and meaningless pathways ... to a child's mind and pleasure. It is unfortunately often too late in our lives, that we finally come to understand and embrace real Truth. This revelation (from a poet, Leonard Cohen in his Selected Poems 1956-68) addresses real Truth.

"There is a crack in everything, that's how the light gets in."

This learning and freedom that I am sharing with you through this blog and today's painted work... (still in progress) is sent as a "reveal"... to the "Big Magic" that only now I am discovering. After a lifetime of pursuing goals that were controlled by other "distractions" like a market and other goals that have become less enviable, satisfying, or important to me as time has passed.

Here is a visual replay... of the "free play" that I have enjoyed for a number of months now. It has lain dormant much of the time... waiting for me to resume... or to put to sleep. Neither would have been a wrong path because I had full control over whatever outcome I wished to pursue.

Enough said. Here is that "Four Square... still in progress. What do you think? I'm open to your ideas and input. Just interested in your "read" because you have travelled with me and continued to encourage me through all of my struggles. Your input always matters to me.

What remains is to perhaps "turn on the lights" to separate the lights from the darks... to add contrast and further depth. Perhaps adding some finishing strokes. Just a couple though.

I will consider those possible changes. Stay tuned..

Happy Summer Painting... to ALL!!

"The Games People Play" - oil 24 x 24 inches  ( four 12 x 12 inch canvas panels)


  1. Wow! This is a difficult one....I am reading on multiple levels and in opposing ways. Clever - it has got me stumped! I think depending on the viewers mood very different conclusions can be drawn.

    'The games people play...' 'People, play the games!' 'Play the games people!' The first thing I pondered before I read your title (the approach I would take if I saw the work in a gallery - I always read titles last). So is it about the fun to be had playing the games...about having a strategy...memories of good times... but there is darkness too...why the go to jail corner (why not pass go and collect £200 or can$200) but then I think there is a get out of jail free card too...checkmate and the relevence of those particular pieces...(I am not familiar with cribbage so I can't see if there is a reference or clue for me to find there. I like that as a viewer you get to 'play' with the reading of such an ambiguous image. I will be thinking about this image for some time...

    I really like the circular composition which is also suggesting an ambiguity to me.

    This is a conundrum.... I shall wait for you to 'turn on the lights' for me.

    Best wishes.

  2. Good morning Lisa! Thanks for your insightful response for this project. It obviously spells out clearly for me that I fully achieved the goals intended in creating and offering this project. It has indeed been a difficult project from this end as well. Moving...grief... sciatica and the declining interest in a project that stumps you... simply because it pushes your risk taking and usual methodology to their limits.

    Despite these obstacles I learned that if I pushed forward and trusted my Muse... "She"would continue to deliver... as she has all along my journey. But in a different way perhaps.

    Your response makes my spirit sing Lisa. I see very strong parallels in your new focus and most recent "Bigs" in your collaging. They achieve exactly the same feelings in me of Joy wonder and an opportunity to reach beyond the "ordinary" Le Quelenec.

    The differences are startling beautiful Lisa... and suggest an expansion of your previous experimenting into a higher real of thought and composition.

    In a nutshell - exceptional "mistress-pieces"! Bravo! Looking forward to following your new journey further.

    Warmest regards... happy healing and Happy Summer!

  3. Good morning Bruce, how are you? I am just catching up on my blog reading, after setting up a new computer, and I am enjoying seeing this fascinating project that you have been working on. I like the 'games' you are playing with games here. Each panel is interesting for the layers of depth that it has, but linking them together has produced another element. It's like one of those visual puzzles that you can never quite resolve.

    Keep having fun.
    All the best,

  4. Good morning Keith... I am enjoying better health and summer weather has contributed significantly to that happening.

    Thank you for stopping by and for adding your thought-provoking comments and insights. Your interpretations directly parallel my own. Right from the beginning, I realized that several layers of depth "seemed" present...even though I hadn't intentionally set out to create this illusion. It forced me to actually stop and think before proceeding. The question arose in my mind, "When does a little say enough?" And then ideas seemed to spill out of no where???

    Your invaluable inputs cause me to pause... yet again to ask myself the question, "Will I take away from learning gained through this pathway?... Should I just let it be what it is?"

    I wonder...

    Before travelling forward... my mind has already started to form another post to perhaps guide my actions and my decisions. Thank you for taking the time to comment. ALWAYS value your thoughts and admire your own work Keith.

    Stay tuned... and Happy Painting!
    Warmest regards,