Wednesday, July 24, 2019

"Let the Games... Begin"... and End

                    "The Games People Play" - oil on black gesso toned canvas 24 inches x 24 inches

Today, I have decided to move on from my lengthy involvement in trying to understand and learn from the unexpected appearance... and enjoyment in participating in "visual foreplay" arising from this (and other) paintings on a black toned color ground.

Being aware that painting on a black color ground does indeed heighten  a greater sense of depth and  an illusion of levitating. It is a tool that I can add to my painting tool box and call upon whenever I am looking for that penetrating depth of field or an attention-getting device.

Being freed from a need to create to use high realism and detail is in itself a good reason to think beyond the box that we often slot ourselves into as artists. Other approaches which one can apply to vary and broaden our skills adds enjoyment and joy to the creative process. While using one pathway does indeed offer the feeling of control and competency it takes away from the joy factor.

You will also note that each panel... if viewed carefully can be seen to be unfinished in parts. A part of the freedom... and the "game" dimension that I created helps convey the notion that you are being "played with"... teased visually. However, this can also be interpreted as my honest invitation to you to form your own "play" and decisions.
I wish to thank fellow blogger artists and Friends, Lisa Le Quelenec and Keith Tilley for their constant presence, always valuable comments and encouragement. Their combined interest in this project, both offering that the image encouraged them to think about and to make their way through its visual elements with open minds. Both observed that they felt the need to revisit the painting because it created a kind of visual puzzle for them.

In thinking about The Games after the fact, it reminds me of one of M.C Escher's masterly graphic  perspective puzzle pieces. I am encouraged to draw this project to a close now because I have achieved all of the goals that I had set out to share with my viewers.

I learned much about myself and how to look beyond the obvious outcomes... and to be patient. I am now ready... and excited to move on to another idea that has waited too long in my sketchbooks to be followed up on.

I hope that you will join me in my further explorations and adventures. More to come...

Stay tuned!

Happy Summer Painting... to ALL!


  1. (The plot thickens....I am intrigued already. Your enthusiasm is infectious. What could it be that has been waiting in your sketchbooks? To the brushes!!!

    Thank you for the mention but a bigger thank you for the painting conundrum.) Best wishes and happy painting.

  2. Hi Lisa ...And thicken it will! I have already begun to construct the next post... itself too long "on hold on a back burner. Already possibility seems to be flowing effortlessly. Patience is indeed a grand virtue... which by the way is NOT my strong suit.

    Too often... "I shoot from the hip"... gunslinger-style... and end up paying for it. You can "teach an ol' dog new tricks"... but you have to tease new ideas and things out - not force them upon him! lol

    The mention of you and your influence on this (and other) projects is immense and I mention... because your input truly does matter. I admire your own ideas and work. It too... is inspiring!

    Brings to mind a mantra that I used in my addresses to teachers in my workshops; "You enabling me... to enable you." Simply... a never-ending circle of influence and energy.

    Stay tuned...

    Warmest regards... and Happy Painting!