Monday, July 1, 2019

A Pause ... to Celebrate!!!

This video "After the Gold Rush" is so appropriate on many levels in this post this morning. It strikes a very strong chord in my thinking. From the magnificent musical mind of Neil Young... via the revered and songbird voices of three gifted... intelligent... strong women musicians. Finally, from me to you.. "a simple painter just passing through" What does it say to you?

"We... the North!"

Beyond being a now iconic basketball cheer... this terse patriotic ditty now serves as a driver in an entirely new marketing industry. One can buy it on a range of now pedantic shirts, caps, coffee cups, vehicle banners and  flags. et al... to ad nauseum. The only thing more nauseating is the farcical money-grabbing display of free agency that NBA players have chosen to inflict upon (once) proud Canadian fans who supported the Raptors as a team. I feel betrayed... and cynical as opposed to swelling with pride as a nation. "WE"...  the TRUE North are better than that... and always have been.

As Canadians... whether in Peace or war, we have long been recognized as a nation of Peacemakers. Since the conflict of 1812-14, we two neighbors have chosen to live in peace and prosperity on a (fence less) border... the Saint Lawrence River. Will that continue?

I wonder... 

Or will that too be displaced by greed-driven feelings and actions by a small few for their own profit and gain? Time will tell. It's all about "climate change"... right... EH?

Enough lectern / pedestal stuff. Here's the really important stuff on this special 102nd Birthday of our country.

I wish to offer a heartfelt  HAPPY Canada Day! ... to all of my family and friends stretching... "From sea to shining sea."

I feel so very blessed and Proud to be Canadian. Proud of the beauty of our homeland... still...
"true... strong and free."

Here is my personal tribute... in paintings that I was blessed to have visited and painted en plein air along my journey.

"... and miles to go... before I sleep."

-Robert Frost 
(American Poet)

My love and thanks to all of my loved ones!... You know who you are!

Maritime Monarch, Peggy's Cove , NS

Rustico Light, PEI

Evening Greetings
Les Eboulements, Charlevoix, QC

La Lumiere d'or
Saint Louis-de-Ha-Ha, Que

The Magnificence of Algonquin Park in All Seasons Quadriptych

Faded Rose... Rumble's Feed Mill, Hillsdale ON

Kensington Market,  Augusta St Toronto

Northland Falls, Kakabeka Falls in Autumn

Ribald Royalty, Kananaskis, ALTA

The Real Canadian Idylls, Kananaskis ALTA

Squamish Light, Squamish, BC

A handful of hours to share with you... proudly... and humbly on July 1st, 2019. I am greatly blessed

Deb and I included a few quiet moments last evening decorating Allie's commemorative ginkgo tree... "She" was fiercely Canadian and deserved a nod on this occasion. Gone on... but NEVER forgotten Jemima!! Miss you!!!

Love Always 



  1. Hope you and Deb had a wonderful Canada Day :) I posted something but it seems to have gone missing in the ethernet that is the internet! That does happen with blogs at times - but know I'm always watching and cheering you on! Love the visits to the paintings - some I was sure I had not seen before. Happy Summer!

  2. Hi there Rhonda... Thanks for dropping by! Summer is a sweet, but fleeting time... a blurrrrr really! The internet does play strange tricks on us all at times. All we can do is persevere... be patient and put on our thinking caps to find an alternate approach. lol

    Occasionally... it is nice to post older work. Each is a special moment in our painting journeys. Each summons up bits of conversations and happenings. Truly a journal entry for a specific moment. Many of those painting moments have been passed to other hands.Some of the people who were present and shared the moment with me... have passed beyond. Two of the many reasons to reach back!

    A belated "Happy 4th" to you and your family Rhonda! Happy summer... and rich blessings!

    Bruce and Deb