Saturday, November 24, 2012

Sights... Sounds... n' Tastes - Post Winery Thoughts

Last weekend, I participated with fifteen other diversely talented local artisans and artists at The 1st Annual tiArts at the Eagle Point Winery event in nearby Escott. It was indeed a successful start for what everyone one hopes will become an annual pre-Christmas event. Hundreds of visitors descended upon the Winery over the three days to have a taste of the vineyard products... and to view the artfully displayed wares of the tiArts Group. The narrow linear aisle space of the winery actually was overwhelmed at times by the shear numbers of  enthusiastic... and buying visitors. It was indeed a total success... and win-win proposition for both Winery and the artisans!

Every section of each artisan set up held something unique and very different than any of the other participants. It had a Santa's Workshop... Christmas Shoppe ambiance with colour... visual excitement... and soothing musical background mingled with friendly chatter... as visitors artists and artisans met and conversed. I could never completely describe the visual sense of the day... I'll leave that to your eyes and thoughts... using jpegs that I took over the course of the two days! Pictures are indeed... worth  a thousand words!

While I didn't manage to sell any of my paintings displayed, I did make a good number of sales from the portable items that we offered over the summer to visitors to The Paint Box Gallery. That simply consolidated our belief that we are on track for "bread and butter" products that appeal to visitors who are travelling... or who might not be in the market for a large tag item like an original painting. I handed out many, many business brochures and cards and made contact with possible candidates for my (soon to commence) winter art classes. I have received a commission as a result of being there. And sales often come later on... well after the event.

Participation in such shows should not be based purely upon sales alone. I've learned from nearly forty years of making and selling my art... that such shows offer a tremendous opportunity to (a.) connect with the public and (b.) to observe and evaluate the trends of the marketplace amongst my peers. I carried out both of those tasks... and came away with some fine ideas for fine tuning... or shifting our artistic efforts in an entirely new direction. It was very interesting for me to note that some of the ideas that I began my journey using... have returned and are again "in vogue" and highly marketable.

However... the feeling that I came away with most strongly, was the reinforcement of the fact that Deb and I were right on target with our own ideas for The Paint Box's future in Rockport. We needn't fix our compass on "what sells" in the marketplace... but rather work more earnestly over the winter to graduate our own ideas and distilling them into even more appealing products.... and to have more of them available. That means... "roll up the sleeves".... and "get at 'er... pitter-patter!"

I wish to specifically mention and thank the Winery owners, management and staff... along with three very special tiArts folk who , I believe greatly share praise for the success they helped to create. To Barb Simard... our ""Energizer Bunny"...who tirelessly put together and activated a media blitz which was itself... the very reason for the overall success of this new event. And to John Sorensen... my hat's off to you for creatively and patiently guiding our sometimes cantankerous and hard to live with crew through the shoals and hazards that popped up along the way. To friend artist Betty Matthews... many thanks for arranging the food for the Gala... and for pounding in all of the event signs with me... all along The Parkway and back country! I fully enjoyed our time together! And finally... to the other tiArts members... thank you for a FIRST CLASS Art Show!... Proud to be a part of it! "We".... did us PROUD!!!

Penny Gorman's "Tree of Life".... from electrical barn lightning rod cable ... How cool is that!!!

 Penny's faux fish!

 Jewellery Treasures galore... and more

 Silver and Goldsmith Marnie Astey's creations... buried in black lava sand

 Visitors surveying the wares....

 Friendly Folk at my display walls

 Linda Potter's Magical quilted creations... ornaments... and more!

John Sorensen's "Dancing With the Stars Folk... Folk Art

 Terry Schaub's magnificent stone sculptures... warm and smooth to the touch... inside and out!

 Barb Simard's  colourful Painting With Fabric Creations...

 Valerie Thomas' show-stopping silver and metal ladies jewellery and metalwork accessories...

 John Shea's crisp strong vanishing rural scenes in pen and ink and watercolour

 A lull in the traffic jams...

 Susan Hales whimsy dolls... angels, Santas and ornaments

 Betty Matthew's colourful collage paintings... active and energetic! Makes ya' wanna dance!

A warm wooden niche housing Rockport artisan Linda Hart's Jewellery Creations.

That's all Folks!

Good Painting... and future sales at shows... to All!!!


  1. Hi Bruce, I'm glad the event was a success. It looks likes a nice informal atmosphere and enjoyable for visitors.

    It must be wise to have a number of irons in the fire these days, so I'm glad that you're ideas are proving successful. I don't think you need to worry about keeping busy over the winter either, by the sound of things!

    All the best,

  2. Good Morning Keith!... Thank you for visiting!

    The event was a success on many levels... and the I was fortunate to be able to meet many old friends that I had taught with "many moons ago"... and to make new friends as well!

    You are so right ... that artists in this generation going to have to go out to the marketplace in many different fashions... the old methods and traditions for both making and selling their art has changed.

    WE have the inside studio/small gallery is ready to get busy in... and busy we will be!

    Glad to hear via Caroline Simmell's site that you enjoyed good success at your event.

    Good Painting!
    Warmest regards,

  3. What an exciting show to be a part of, Bruce! Every display looks so terrific!
    Congratulations to you and all involved in successfully pulling this event off! :)


  4. Oh, I would so have enjoyed visiting this event. Looks like gorgeous eye candy all around!

  5. Good Morning Dean!... One spends too much of one's artistic life alone with one's Muse... out of necessity.

    Having opportunities such as this one... where one is able to interact and share ideas and time with kindred spirits is very uplifting!

    It was indeed a "Gala" experience...most likely to become a tradition! We'll see!

    Thanks for dropping by and adding your encouragement!

    Good Painting!
    Warmest regards,

  6. Good Morning to you Sherry!... Thanks fore visiting and for offering your encouraging comments about the quality of the show!

    Christmas was indeed in the air... "eye candy" everywhere and for every taste! The crowds of people... upwards of a thousand over the two days of the event continually reinforced our own feeling that the show offered a diverse range of art objects... with a high level of artisanship in every stall!

    A great experience for all!

    Good Painting!
    Warmest regards,