Sunday, November 25, 2012

Happy Birthday!... to Lisa and Liam!

As life moves along... not as slowly as one often wishes... there arise moments of intense pride for a parent when a child... or children reach a pivotal point in their own journeys. It is perhaps a bit of a bitter-sweet moment because the event marks the loss of one's "little people." They suddenly emerge... from out of nowhere it seems to stand taller than you do- physically even... and are on the very cusp of repeating a stage in your own journey... that you never thought would arrive... for your "babies."

Last night, two of my "babies"... my first born daughter Lisa and my second last born son, Liam were feted for arriving at new pinnacles in their grown lives. Lisa, the mother of my three grandchildren, Ryan, Mica and Braden was here at Islandsview for a typically Sherman gala celebration... with her sister Allison ( Dr. Jemima Puddle Duck) present to help us celebrate Lisa-Bo-Bissa's (Dolly-Dolly-Dumpkins-Queen-of-the-Pumpkins) November 30th special day! We are celebrating early because Lisa must return to her home in the beautiful Barbados before the actual date.

Lisa has travelled many miles... since she created "opened" her "Cradle Craft Boutique" with her friend Leanna Finucan... in my garden tool shed back in 1980. Her family life blended with her significant business skills and her HUGE creative spirit and drive prepare her for the next and most important chapter in her life. I am so proud of the recent initiatives she is undertaking to actualize her girlhood dream to actually run a bona fide artisan business. Stay tuned!....

Liam-Pee'em turned 18 on November 24th. How special is that date? Can you recall the feelings at your own 18th? Carpe diem... Get outta my way world! HA HA!! His evening was scheduled around taking four of his buddies out to his fav "all -you-can-eat-sushi" joint... copious cups of green tea and a trip to the movies... to take in the current James Bond box office hit and thriller. Liam is a "cool dude" who makes his own way... and never follows the crowd. He spends countless hours developing computer games that he plays on the ultra fast hard drive... which he built totally on his own... piece by piece from eBay!

As you can readily see from the nicknames... I value each of my children and their accomplishments totally upon how we relate with each other... and our common interests. Each is special to "Me" in their own unique way... and never compared or judged in relation to the others. Whatever their interests... all are free thinkers and are creative in their pursuit of knowledge. All have a unique passion for what they love. The common denominator is that they share my surname... and each already have brought honour and accomplishment to our family... no matter their age!

Deb and I am very proud of each of them and we share an unconditional love for each... which will always be there.

We are deeply blessed!...

Happy Birthday Lisa and Liam! Much Peace ... Health... Happiness and Success!

 Liam's Elelmentary School Grad... he's grown FULLY into the pants since this photo

 Look out world!... Here I come!

  A bad photo... but a great evening together... Dad... with "The Girls"!!!

Lisa... in better light!

All my love to you both.... ALWAYS! Iam... SOOOOOOOOOOO PROUD!!!


  1. You are a great dad, Bruce. Your pride and love shines through this wonderful post. Happy birthday, Lisa & Liam!

  2. Good Morning Sherry!... Thank you for amplifying the "Good Cheer"and best wishes... and the pride and love that I do have for my children!

    We do indeed share that common love of family Sherry! Children... are our greatest masterpieces! The "best" that we have to leave behind ... to say that we were here!They are our Hope, in a Future... that we will never see or experience!

    Thank you for visiting!

    Good Painting!
    Warmest regards,

  3. To the proud Daddy, and a belated Happy Birthday to Lisa and Liam. Your photos are great and thank you for sharing. Your children are both handsome and beautiful. Love the picture of you and the girls, very warm and festive.

    All the best to you,

  4. HI again Joan!... Thank you for recognizing and celebrating the special days for my two children in this post!

    I am deeply proud... and feel more blessed than you can ever imagine ... to have these special young people in my life! They give me Hope that the world can survive... and become a better place!

    Good Painting!
    Warmest regards,