Thursday, November 15, 2012

Looking Ahead... But Remembering Back

Autumn drifted in with her usual colour fanfare... lifting eye and heart equally both here in Rockport and in Algonquin Park, where thousands of visitors arrive annually from around the world to view this unparalleled  fall colour pageant and spectacle. During this short time, hundreds of tour buses clog up both sectors carrying in camera-toting passengers to record this event on a quick tour. Then, suddenly and predictably... these tours cease at the precise moment that the colour drops down ... or disappears.

That seasonal shift in activity here  seemed to be accelerated by the unexpected influences of "Sandy." In a single night of high wind and heavy rains that autumnal splendour was clawed away... leaving only pockets of oak russets ... smudges of greyish yellow softwood colour here and there and the smoky remnants of what were only a day before... undulating... rhythmic waves of resplendent maple stands.

Overnight, the temperatures dipped drastically causing abnormally shallow marshy bays, low water creeks, ponds and puddles to skim over. Snow fell for the first time yesterday... flurrying here in Rockport... but vigorously enough in Algonquin Park last week to bring our last outdoor painting session to a quick and messy halt.

New faces replaced summer residents and users of our feeders. Raucous blue jays, bright cardinals, chickadees, rowdy maverick bands of tree sparrows, boisterous evening grosbeaks, flitting slate breasted juncos and a variety of woodpeckers now patrol the trees and our garden...fighting  for air and feeder supremacy. There activity and appetites ominously foretell winter's blustery entry

Deb and I officially closed the outdoor Gallery and have moved the paintings down into our winter quarters and studio space in the basement. We will offer come-by-chance visits, or appointment only visits from interested clients commencing next week. At the moment, we are readying the studio for our use and re hanging selected art in the two rooms designated to display my paintings during the winter months.

I joined the Thousand Islands Art Group and I will be a part of an upcoming exhibition opportunity...  The 1st Annual tiArts @ Eagle Point Winery event...  being hosted by the Winery on Saturday November 17th an Sunday, November 17 for the general public. A "by invitation only" Gala opening will kick off the event on Friday, November 16th and will be open to a limited number of invited guests... clients of the winery and the participating artists. It should prove to be a highly festive kick-off to the Christmas Season. Fingers crossed for a good turn out!!

We have been blessed to have enjoyed a very successful first summer season here in Rockport and we received a positive and welcoming reception by the residents and businesses of Rockport. We look forward to building upon our success and will dedicate many hours to developing new product lines, an entirely new inventory of of our combined works and a business plan which will advance our presence and grow our initial success further.

One visible change has just been implemented. We have had our talented and creative  web master design a whole new look for our web site Ms Brenda Stanley, owner of The Heart of Business has recreated a bright new "river feel" ...designing a unique new platform or template using new colour, visuals and text content to enhance our St Lawrence River business and residential presence.  We feel that it blends new technology to provide more linkage to many social networking sites... and that these changes add a fresh look and appeal. Do check it out... I'd like to hear your input!

 Do check out Brenda's Heart of Business web site  to further discover more facts about her creative business endeavours and more examples of her unique design capabilities!

During the next few months, I will be canvassing an number of business opportunities to explore placement of my art in a more wide spread fashion in the region. I will also be delivering the 6x12 foot quadriptych "The Magnificence of Algonquin Park" to its new exhibition place in mid January. It is an exciting venue for the work... and really matches my original raison d'etre for creating the piece. I will report back more fully when this installation is in place.

Deb has been commissioned to create a full memorial window for the quaint Church of the Redeemer Anglican Church here in the village. It will be honouring a past minister (now deceased) and was commissioned  by his family members who have resided each summer for well over fifty years in the Rockport and Islands region. They reside in Charlotte, North Carolina during winter months... but look to this area as their second spiritual home. It is a large and demanding  project for certain, but it is a well-deserved honour and privilege for Deb... and a tribute to her stained glass artisan ship   She has already created the design and the new window cherry wood frame has just been completed. Her new hand crafted work desk has been delivered as well... so that project will be under way soon. We'll keep you posted on its progress as well. She is very excited to get this piece under way... so that it will be ready for installation and the planned early summer dedication service.

So... we are looking and planning ahead... hopeful that our good fortune and success will continue into 2013. There are necessary changes to be implemented... hurdles to be gotten over... but our hearts and hands are "One". How can we fail?

We are doing what we both love... and love what we're both doing... together!
Life does not offer a greater gift to any man or woman. We are... "Home"!

And "We"... are deeply blessed...

Good Painting to ALL!!!

PS This is the advertisement for the tiArts at The Eagle Point Winery Exhibition that I will be a part of this upcoming weekend. If any of my blog visitors are from this area ... do drop by and say "Hi"... I'd love to see you!


  1. Your new look website looks great - another side to the roots that you are putting down in your new home. Congratulations to Deb on her commission and best of luck for your event.

    Stay warm and happy painting!

  2. Hi there Lisa!... Thank you for visiting... and for the compliment on our new web site appearance!

    Our web master Brenda Stanley is an amazing friend and creative individual... who thinks outside of the box... and is able to get inside the minds of her clients!

    We feel that our site now has a "River" feel to it and that it does clearly reflect the changes that we have made in our business and our personal lives.

    WE have settled into our new life and are fully engaged and involved with the arts community in this region. Win-win!!

    Deb's ready to "rock n'roll with the new commission on her new table crafted specifically for her needs! A beautiful piece of furniture ... thanks to our neighbour Tim!

    Warm we are... even in the cold. We are having our first fire tonight in our living room fireplace... warm the tootsies!

    Good Painting!
    Warmest regards,

  3. Hi Bruce, you're certainly not letting the grass grow under your feet! Your plans all sound exciting and I'm sure they'll build on the success you've already had.

    The website looks very good. It has a modern look without being brash and it's clearly laid out and easy to navigate. I like the thumbnail strips. My brother, who is a web designer, is working on something similar for me.

    May your success continue,
    All the best,

  4. Good morning Keith!... Thanks for your visit and for your comments regarding the new web site.

    I certainly am not "letting any grass grow under my feet" you have said, but each day is another one on the "right" side of that green grass! No time to waste... at my age!

    The web site represents our Gallery... and is not "the gallery"... as it is so many artists these days. Since we changed our lives and the business... small as it might seem to "Big City" galleries... it must relate to the Gallery site... Rockport... and we are very pleased with the manner in which Brenda has so capably and creatively bridged that change for us.

    I have other plans already under way to keep the momentum moving forward... so that we will have a strong(er) presence for The Paint Box Gallery... ever! This is the "last hurrah" for me Keith... the last move that I'll look forward to in any event... so I am totally enjoying it... and the Peace that has filled both my life and Deb's!

    We are deeply blessed!...

    Good Painting!~
    Warmest regards,

  5. What a wonderful post, Bruce. I can only imagine your new home and business site but it always sounds just so lovely. A house with two artists within must be so much fun. Wishing you success at your upcoming exhibition and Deb's piece will be stunning, I know.

  6. Hi there Sherry... Thank you for your uplifting comments... Rockport is such a refreshing and rewarding change!

    "A house with two artists within"... is indeed most of time a joyful place! However... to creative and steadfast minds DO... from time to time have "spirited discussions"!! HA HA!!

    Deb is excited to get on to the actual creation of the window... and I will certainly keep everyone posted... on her progress!

    Good Painting!
    Warmest regards,

  7. Hi Bruce, great to hear all of your latest news, my you have both been so busy and are making the most of your autumn years together. Congratulations to Deb on her commission what a wonderful creative task to undertake. Will you have snow there? best wishes.

  8. Hi there Caroline!... Busy as the squirrels gathering walnuts... here in Rockport... and snug as bugs in a rug, we are!

    Deb is most anxious to get at her new commission! We'll keep you posted on her progress!

    Thank you for visiting and for leaving your ever encouraging comments!

    Good luck with your own fall activities!

    Good Painting!
    Warmest regards,