Friday, July 15, 2011


Aside from... and accompanying the before-mentioned gift and blessing of music that "I" was endowed with by my parents and family... "I" was blessed with the gift of "The Smile"... and the "gift of the gab." I say this without any intent to be funny... or to add humor.

These three gifts have carried "Me" siblings and families through each moment of all of our journeys, either as individuals or as extended family. These gifts have brought us together in joy... carried us beyond sadness and yielded acceptance for each one of us in the presence of unique situations with groups and situations that we meet in our varied daily existences.

I have grown to better understand the power and value of these gifts, as they have applied to my own journey up to the Present. We as a family are known... and I believe are respected and enjoyed as "people", simply because we enjoy... no revel in creating and taking part in opportunities that provide conversation/ discussion... story-telling... joking... teasing...performing... laughter and "all things good" on this planet - Art... Music... Dance... Literature.

Smiles play more of an integral part in daily lives... than frowns. Speaking generally... I would offer that we are each... in our own unique fashion... cheerful human beings... and that cheerfulness was inherited more likely more through Nurture... than through Nature.

We certainly did have our family "moments"in those early years as all families do... and we still do still do from time to time. However, I believe that all of us have found our own doses of Happiness... Success and Acceptance because of the gifts offered and modelled earlier in our parents' home.

"I" was truly blessed to have received these gifts. They have more worth and value to "Me" than "things or personal wealth. To live in one's earliest years in the midst of song... laughter and to know that your "Voice" matters and is valued prepares a child to commence his or her human journey filled with Hope... Tolerance... Generosity... Compassion... and Courage. These values form the value set that not only promotes Self-esteem... but as importantly, also the respect for the Self of "Others" as well.

An authentic Smile... capital "S" fully intended and heavy on the meaning of "authentic"... is a powerful tool and each of us, as Human Beings possesses the capability to create one. We are the only species which can! That smile has the potential to open closed doors... to bring joy.. even to disarm anger and fear. A simple... authentically given Smile along with Music and Art knows no borders... translates the same meaning in all languages... requires no intellectual or developmental capacity to be understood... absorbed... and passed forward!

In closing, I offer a few of my own images that make "Me" Smile.... and... the beautiful lyrics of a favourite song. It gives me comfort and Joy to share these images... and to posit... that these "Smiles"... on canvas will be smiling on someone... perhaps years after my own smile has vanished from earthy existence. Is that not at least some form of immortality? Enough for "Me"!

The Universe is mysterious and conspires to offer opportunity... if "You" listen and risk acting. Each of the selected paintings were purchased by clients who like "Me" and my family
smile and laugh as a matter of fact. I think that they were attracted by the "Smile" feeling that is imbedded in each of these pictures... more strongly than the subject matter itself. In any event... at present they each currently reside in smiling households! May that be always true!


Music by Charlie Chaplin, Lyrics byJohn Turner and Geoffrey Parsons

Performed in 1954 by Nat King Cole

Smile though your heart is aching

Smile even though it's breaking

When there are clouds in the sky,

You'll get by

If you'll smile through your fear and sorrow

Smile and maybe tomorrow

You'll see the sun come shining through to you.

Light up your face with gladness

Hide every trace of sadness

Although a tear may be ever so near

That's the time you keep on trying

Smile, what's the use of crying?

You'll find that life is still worthwhile

If you just smile.

That's the time you must keep on trying

Smile , what's the use of crying?

You'll find that life's still worthwhile

If you just smile

Hope that my blog and my paintings add a Smile to your life... as yours do to mine!

Keep on Smiling!... and Good Painting to All!

Jpeg#1 - Summer Reliquary-oil on canvas 30x24 inches

Jpeg#2 - Summer...Simply Stated - oil on panel 20x24 inches SOLD

Jpeg#3 - Things Go Better With Coke! - oil on panel 16x12 inches SOLD

Jpeg#4 - Lost In the 60's- oil on canvas 20x16 inches SOLD

Jpeg#5 - A Demi-tasse Filled With Summer - oil on canvas 16x12 inches SOLD

Jpeg#6 - Evening Greeting at Les Eboulements - oil on canvas 20x24 inches SOLD


  1. Hi Bruce,

    Wonderful, thank you for the reminder about SMILE, love the song and yes it does help when we find things in life to smile about. Lovely paintings Bruce, I am sure the people who have purchased them will cherished them.

    Have a great weekend.


  2. Ah Bruce...I always know I will find a smile here, always. Each of these paintings are so beautiful and I found myself sighing at each and every one. Not kidding there. I must confess that I am always amazed if I sense someone actually really likes me. I've never had that within my own family and I don't really have any close friends any longer (too much moving around). I'm generally fairly outgoing but tend to need to be approached first. I have huge issues with feeling like an imposition and a gnat or mosquito that needs to be swatted. While I don't live in blogland, I must admit that I do enjoy it each morning with my coffee. It tends to start my days with a smile at the thoughts and art of all my blogging friends.

    You, Bruce, do always bring a smile as I mentioned before. And thank you for that.

  3. Thanks Joan for the visit... and for your comments!

    All of us carry the personal "possibility" to make the world a better and happier place... "if we just smile!" It's so simple!

    Good Painting!... and keep smilin'...
    Warmest regards,

  4. Isn't it amazing, how through words and paintings, a smile comes through? Even without the words that followed these happy works of art, I could see a smile. I always do when I come here. Indeed, there is so much to smile about!

  5. Dear Friend Sherry...We are all in need of love and acceptance. Though we come from varied "happenstances"... and tend to drag along fragments of hurt from the past.We are each of us capable of reaching out... risking to feel worthy of those intrinsic human needs.

    By opening your Self up .. to "Possibility" Sherry by trusting your Self... "doing your best" in your own heart... and simple as it seems... Smiling... "You" will suddenly discover... "that the whole world smiles with you." More music.... HAHA!!! "Listen to the Music"... I could go on... often do... past reason! HAHA!!

    "You" are correct Sherry... "I" am your Friend... unconditionally!!! Look for more of "Me"... we're out there!

    Good Painting!...Happy Summer!
    Keep smilin...
    Warmest regards,

  6. Thanks for the uplifting journey through the "Smile" paintings and commentary, Bruce!
    It's a great shot of "Happy" to start my morning.

    I was especially touched by the ol' fella in "Lost In The Sixties". Wow a bout relating! I played guitar in a country-rock band in the 70's.
    I like how the picker seems to be reliving past moments by way of his well worn musical passages.

  7. Good Morning Bridget!... So glad to hear from you!

    You are so right Bridget... it is neverendingly amazing to "Me"... how powerful words... paintings and a smile are as agents of Possibility and Peace! So simple... yet paradoxically... so profound!

    "You" have a lovely smile... and share wonderful words and paintings with your blogger friends like myself... and "I" for one... am deeply grateful and indebted to you for those gifts! Thank you!

    Good Painting!... Prolific writing... Fair sailing... and Happy Summer Bridget!

    Warmest regards,

  8. Good Morning Dean!... Thank "You" for your visit and the cup o' Happy your smily comments have brought to begin my day!

    To have a peer of your ilk be moved by my Guitar Man is the highest compliment that I can receive. We all paint to express our feelings and emotions... and to hear that our "Art Matters" (my mantra)... validates my passion and time spent to make paintings!

    I always look forward to visiting Deano's Den... a place that one finds beauty... wit... happy thoughts and a spiritual centre! Keep up the great work!

    Good Painting!... and Happy Summer!
    Keep smilin...

    Wamest regards,

  9. Bruce... Seeing your work makes me smile as well and I thank you for that shared gift.

    You are so right about those attributes adding to the joy of the journey. I am thankful to be able to rejoice in being.

  10. Bruce, your blog ALWAYS brings a smile to my face and I was so pleased to find you had posted - I feel like its been a while (or have I missed some?). Lovely, smiling paintings and I know the owners are happy every time they look at your work.

  11. Good Morning Friend Marian!... I am grateful thank my blog and the posted images bring "You" to smile! That is my goal and the only reward that matters!

    The journey is nothing without the sharing... and no Peace may be found without rejoicing and recognizing the countless small blessings in our daily lives!

    "You"... are one of my blessings Marian! Thank "You" for your kind words and Friendship!

    Good Painting!... Keep Summer Smilin...
    Warmest regards,

  12. Hi "You"!.... Good to have you back on my radar!

    Yes... you have missed a few posts it seems... but we're all busy... enjoying summer and being immersed in our own work!

    Your comings... and goings... and our visiting and commenting as we can... maintains energy and a necessary critical or encouraging comment which fuels our mutual need for positive feedback.

    "I" so value your input... and admire your own passion...skills and humanity... rare in the world around "Me". So... thank you for sending back a Smile to "Me" this morning!

    Good Painting!... keep smilin...
    Warmest regards,

  13. Wow! Bruce... I'm glad I started my day with your "smile" post...I'm smiling already. Love all of these paintings and I'm sure all who bought them will love them! Congratulations.

  14. Good Morning back to "You" Hilda!... Thank "You" for returning the Smile!"You" have started my day similarly to your own!

    In a world where $$$ and competition seem to rule... or at least be seen as the "measure of success" position and success... even overrule common sense... it is refreshing to meet and share time with people such as yourself who value and use loyalty and honesty as their measuring sticks for Friendship!

    Thank "You" Hilda for your regular visits and for your encouragement!

    Good Painting!... Happy Summer!
    Keep Smilin...
    Warmest regards,

  15. Hi Bruce, good to start my day with a smile after visiting your lovely sunshine filled blog. Thank you so much.

  16. Hi there Caroline!... Thanks for the "Smile" back... it goes well with this morning coffee!

    "Jesus bids us shine,
    With a pure clear light
    Like a little candle burning in the night.
    He loks down from Heaven,
    Just to see us shine,
    You in your small corner,
    And I in mine."

    Just a childhood Sunday School ditty my Mom taught "Me"... but I carry it with "Me" still... sing it and carry my Light wherever I can - Just like "You" Caroline! Your Light ... shines spectacularly... ethereally!

    Good Painting!... Keep smilin'.. and shinin'...

    Warmest regards,

  17. Bruce, you've got your groove back!! Yippee!! (I just had a woo-ooo experience because I just posted a response to your latest comment on my blog that your comments always make me smile. Then, I came to your blog and it's all about smiles...wooo-oooh...)

  18. Hi there in Smily Linnyland!... If the world could only realize... understand and embrace the simplistic... but profoundly powerful "possibility"... that we all carry around with us. The "Power of One" exercised... even through simply carrying and releasing smiles without discrimination... relations between ordinary people... and nations could be more peaceful!

    Just one "crazy" man's thought!

    "You" and "I" are Friends Linny and form a Circle of Friendship... without ever physically meeting... without all of the entrapments and social games which discourage creative thought.... freedom to think and speak our Truth. We encourage and learn together with Art as our common touchstone and shared passion.... as do "Others" of our kind!

    "I" am ALWAYS in a better state of mind... when I return to my own daily existence... miles away from Linnyland.... but just a Smile and a few pecks on the keyboard to refuel my Joy and Optimism! Thank "You" Linny for sharing your always fresh... always golden work... always joyful and your Smile!

    Good Painting!... and Happy Summer!
    Keep smilin'....
    Warmest regards,

  19. hi bruce! thank you for your smile, it always brightens my day! and congratulations, your work is as peaceful and welcoming as you are. i'm off to smile.

  20. Thank You Suzanne!... For the Smile... the visit... the week-to-week sharing and for your blog Friendship!

    Keep smilin'...
    Warmest regards,