Saturday, July 30, 2011

Putting Summer... on a Pedestal

"Putting Summer on a Pedestal" - 0il on board 24x20 inches -SOLD

The title for today's post and jpeg really highlights the feelings of most northerly-residing Canadians and Americans. Summer is a brief respite from the long winters of darkness and cold... and the necessary swaddling of the body in layers of clothing to simply carry on daily lives outside of the home.

Most of us expect a lot of this season and the warmth and sunshine it brings us. We plan long-awaited trips holidays around it. We plant gardens and crops...count on a limited number of frost-free days to bring our efforts to full bloom and harvest. Many of us look forward to hopefully endless days of sunshine and warmth to travel about painting outdoors. We truthfully do live... and look with "Great Expectations" to these few days to offset those many days of confinement and restriction. Little wonder that we place summer on a pedestal... despite the fact we have been taught ... even learned that such a practice usually turns into disappointment... and in the extreme cases... resentment.

This summer has been one of those summers which like a petulant child constantly has challenged our patience with its erratic behaviour and non-pattern turbulent displays. In many parts of Canada and the US summer has created havoc and disastrous conditions with hail... flooding... twisters... record-breaking temperatures and the distinct possibility of deep and lasting drought in some areas.

But despite all of the erratic displays... cruel and disappointing displays that we have witnessed during our summer here in North America... we need look no further than the helpless and defenceless inhabitants of Somalia in Africa... or the entire nation of peace-loving Norway to put an end to our feelings of being "hard done by".

Each of us should look deeply into our hearts and be thankful for the blessings that we continue to enjoy.. and if we are able... reach deeply into our pockets with whatever we can afford to offer to help offset the rapidly escalating misery of millions of desperate brothers and sisters... who are beyond being able to provide for themselves.

In so doing... we can perhaps truthfully put our summer on a pedestal for the whole world to "See"... admire and emulate. We can put a part... no matter how small of our summer harvest... on the tables of these unfortunates... to give them Hope!

"We" are greatly blessed.... and blessings are best appreciated when they are shared!

Rich summer blessings ... and Good Painting to ALL!


  1. Bonjour Bruce! C'est vrai qu'on se plaint souvent " le ventre plein " . Je crois que c'est une mauvaise attitude que l'on a des fois. Il y en a des pires que nous et c'est un devoir de venir en aide aux autres moins favoris├ęs.
    About your painting, I love your title. A real celebration of life and hope. I can't help noticing we have the same little lantern. :)Have a great weekend!

  2. Bonjour Helen!... Dans le presence de cette mauvaise attitude... on doit penser avec un vrai coeur... et prend des actions positives en consequence. C'est ca pour moi!

    Excuse my (lack) of French... not too much opportunity to use it these days... but I value the opportunity!

    The world itself is in a state of sadness and chaos. We as individuals have the option to either further add to it... or to offer an alternative which embraces a "possibility" for Hope... Optimism and Sharing!

    The world has enough resources to care of the needs of more people in need... if the "Few" who live in plenty and privilege are willing to share some of it with them! Every little bit will help!

    Thank "You" for your caring and supportive ideas Helen. Speaking our truth and acting... may encourages others to follow suit! Our thoughts know no barriers ... either political or in language.

    Good Painting!... Many Blessings and Happy Summer!

    Warmest regards,

  3. Hi Bruce,

    You're right to put these things in perspective: There is always someone else worse off than ourselves. We in the developed world forget how good a standard of living we have (too good probably!). We should just be grateful for what we have and, as you say, be prepared to share a bit of it.

    All the best,

  4. Thank "You" Keith... For openly enjoining your thoughts and beliefs with my own on the matter of being content with our multitude of most often "taken-for-granted" small blessings.

    Thank "You" too... for underscoring our common belief that we are in a position to share some of the blessings we are fortunate to have in the developed world.

    It is a matter of choice and conscience for each of to act... or simply turn our head the other way. Artists... as I know them are amongst the more generous of human kind!

    Good Painting!... and happy pochading Keith!
    Warmest regards,

  5. What a beautiful painting, Bruce! And your words are spot on, as always.

  6. Thank "You" Sherry... For your encouraging and gracious comments!

    Hope that your summer brings greater peace and accord into your life!

    Stay with your sketching! You are making great progress!

    Warmest regards,

  7. Lovely painting about a lovely time of year (usually, anyway:-) This summer has indeed been less than stellar but as you point out it is nothing compared to the sufferings of so many others.

  8. Hi there Karen!... Good to hear from "You"!

    My brother tells me that the BC weather sucks... big time! He's really discouraged... having arrived back to spend what he'd expected to be a moderate cange from the Yuma heat!

    Not stellar for sure... but most bearable comapared to twisters... flooding... and dome heat that sucks the life out of every living thing!

    Our "sufferings"... comaparatively speaking to other parts of the world rank hardly as more than an inconvenience really!

    Thank you for the compliments! Good luck with preparations for the upcoming exhibitions. Go get 'em!

    Good Painting!
    Warmest regards,