Saturday, July 3, 2010

New Horizons.... and Shifting Perspectives - Part Three

This will be the last post dedicated to the "idea" of "shifting perspectives". "I" could easily push further with this topic. I personally find it to be an essential ingredient and tool in my own attempt to move forward. Examples for its application are endless... in either your artistic or personal lives. I will leave it with each of you to consider further should you wish to. I sincerely hope that the topic offers each of "You"... "food for thought" and application to your own lives ... if you see value in any part of it.

Yet another "shift"... this time in my sketching process. For the duration of the trip I decided to use only pen and ink as my medium. Employing the watercolour require extra time and consideration... and meant carrying along extra weight to support the watercolour process. I took copious photo references... and through the previous watercolour experience... "I" developed a "feel" for the environment... it's light and its colour.

I had been contemplating beginning this post from a very different perspective... but that "perspective"... has been "shifted" by a thought-provoking comment from Katherine in response to Part One. Her thoughtful comment triggered this "shift"... so Katherine... "Thank You"... for helping to constructively redirect and refocus my thoughts and my writing in this post!

Her comment read as follows:

"You're definitely going to come home with a slightly different outlook on the world after traveling so far from home. What a fun adventure!"

The key phrase... "a slightly different outlook" led "Me" to read and reread her comment until "I" responded:

"Travel... as I am suggesting in today's post changes one's own perspective about the worlds of "Others"... but more importantly, it "shifts" one's own (often smug... even arrogant) perspective by expanding one's tolerance and understanding of differences... and most certainly in my own case causes "Me" to reflect more carefully upon my own goals... my motivation... and the very rich blessings that exist in my "ordinary"... seemingly "everyday" life... at "Home".

Perspective can be defined as a change of vantage point... or a change of view. Within this definition lies a state of double entendre or intended meaning.

On a purely physical or concrete level... we, as landscape artists continually make use of the term "perspective" in reference to selecting a suitable place from which to paint a subject that interests us. In selecting this "place" or "view"... we usually go through a ritual or practice of looking over... or considering several possibilities before commencing the act of painting. One can then understand and accept that in the beginning... there exists several possibilities. What comes to the fore in my own thinking is the question. Why one vantage point or view over all of the others?

"I" firmly believed that these choices are based primarily upon one's preferences that are developed by previous life experiences... reading... pictures viewed over your lifetime.... outside influences amassed... analyzed... considered and used as motifs and compositional devices over and over again.

As well... there is a shift from the outward or concrete subject... to an inward "conversation" of sorts with the Self.It is through this spiritual interface that one is drawn to a certain point of view... or "perspective. That inner choice will again be tied to very personal interests in form... colour... play of light or mood.

Here lies my contention that one must constantly be ready to shift gears... to embrace the possibility of the challenge of change. To risk untried media... subject matter... techniques and influences such as plein air painting, figure drawing,still life, printmaking, sculpture and portraiture. In being willing to experiment... one grows and one finds an appreciation for the the infinite realm of... "Possibility".

Journaling With Paint is my own painting and literary device combined for "shifting perspective". The title itself is again a model of double entendre. The title and the focus of this blog is to demonstrate that we, as artists... are telling similar yet different stories using paint and also in words. We distill the essence of our very different worlds and perspectives we have in our separate daily existences into a common language that requires no Rosetta Stone to decipher. Each painting is a page from our lives that says who we are... what we feel and what we think.

Is there any failure in any painting made? "I" believe not! Only "You" are capable of creating that body of work... or journal... that says:

"I" lived and made full use of my Time given!
"I" ... am blessed and feel gratitude for that gift!

In closing this post... one last shift in perspective! Happy Canada Day to all Canadian Friends... and to my American artist Friends... a Safe and Happy 4Th of July!

Good Painting to All!


  1. Gosh, Bruce. I even love your sketches. I think your compositions are always exquisite and you make the ordinary look extraordinary, no matter the medium. That is the heart and soul of an artist.

  2. Oh yes, Bruce. I agree with
    Autumn Leaves, your sketches are wonderful. Your work is an inspiration to all.

    Thank you for sharing.


  3. Thank "You" Autumn... for the visit... and for continuing to fuel my desire to share my journey with others like your Self!

    "We"... as artists are brothers and sisters in the pursuit of creating magic for others by translating our... "ordinary" into "extraordinary". Thank "You! so much!

    Good Portraiting!
    Warmest regards,

  4. Thank "You" Joan!.... It is always a pleasure to "chat" with "you" and to share encouragement!

    "I" particularly enjoy the painterly "sketchiness" of those recent boat studies that you have posted. Can't beat the plein air experience to hone out that quality... can you?

    Good Painting!
    Warmest regards,