Saturday, July 3, 2010

New Horizons... and Shifting Perspectives - Part Two

The Universe speaks (?)... through a Horoscope: Sunday, July 4Th

You might have a lot more to say than you think. Listen to a different perspective. A loved one lets you know that you are cared for. Spend more time with that person.

Perhaps the strongest "shift" in perspective for "Me" on my trip was realized through the reason that "I" had travelled to Scotland in the first place. It was easy for "Me" to set aside my art perspective and interests... to share in celebrating Allison's academic achievement and to share time with "Her"... as a family to do so.

As "I" had previously shared with you... Allison's Mother and I are divorced... but both of us love "Her dearly... and have contributed together in her early years.... then both separately... and now together for this very important moment in her life... and ours as well. This was certainly an awkward period for us all... but we all shifted away from differing personal perspectives and celebrated from one single view... to celebrate and acknowledge this pinnacle in Allison's academic journey.

This was accomplished with great pride... love and dignity for all. Even "the enemy" in former years can be seen in a different light... given that one is ready and willing to look at things from a different point of view. "I" personally came away with a sense of "liberation". My tolerance and compassion allowed "Me" to in many ways find forgiveness for my Self... for my role in the unhappy process we had all experienced."I" truly hope that "They" came away with some of that feeling as well...

Perhaps "You" might think this "too personal" to share in an art blog. "I" do not. It seems to "Me" that we are all human beings. We all share the potential to both experience and demonstrate feelings of anger... hatred... shame... unworthiness, etc directed at times towards "Others"... but at other times, we even project it on to our Selves.

The ability to shift perspectives... not only in our art... but in our personal lives and relationships as well is a mighty tool with which to dispel and control negative and destructive emotions such hatred and anger. Choosing to "shift" one's perspective is the starting point for developing a practice.... that just keeps building and building... one event upon another... to reduce and eliminate negative emotions and responses.

Instead of focusing most of our thoughts and energies upon the negative... or on the misdirected belief that "You" alone are suffering... or are hurt.... simply look about "You". "I" am always able to see a worse situation that allows "Me" to proceed more gratefully... and ready to address the problem... with a fresh... more positive ... "point of view".

Our mutual celebration... is "I" think... evidence enough to suggest that this can indeed be achieved.

Good Painting... and "shifting"... to All!


  1. Last year I attended my only son's graduation from college and joined in the celebration with my ex husband,(Tristan's father) and his new wife. I am also remarried. It has been a blessing that Tristan's Dad and I have managed to stay friends and it has helped Tristan to accept the situation with a good heart. Our son in common has held us in a bond that has turned out to be very worthwhile:-)

  2. Hi Karen!.... We share many blessings... "convergences"... and outlooks..."You" and "I".

    The Universe continues to smile upon us both!

    Thank "You" for responding!

    Good Painting!
    Warmest regards,

  3. Kudos to you Bruce! That you could enjoy Allison's celebration and not let the past get in the way. I'm sure it made her very happy.

  4. She looks like both of you, Bruce! Congratulations to your sweet Allison! I personally began blogging as a way to dump my thoughts and emotions, well before I began to have followers and artists reading my words. I also began it with blogging about art, I think, or very soon into the blogging world. I'm not even sure how I began to find other artists' blogs or blog challenges, but am so glad I did. It has enriched me so much and I think I've grown a wee small bit in the reading of the artists' blogs. Might I ask why you use quotes around your pronouns? (Just curious...)

  5. Thank "You" Sue!.... for the nice thoughts ... and encouragement!

    If one is open to the changes... challenges and adventure that the Universe offers each of us... then mistakes and "failures"... can become learning experiences and lead to a true path of Happiness and fulfillment.

    As parents... our role as counsellors and protectors continues to our very last breath on this earth. "I" learned that fact... and embrace it fully...willingly... having followed both of my own wonderful counsellors to that earthly threshold.

    Paradoxically... in our own lives... we teach our children how to live fully... and to die without fear... with dignity and grace.

    Good Painting!
    Warmest regards... and thanks for caring to write Sue!

  6. Hi again Autumn!... "I" too... entered the blogging world with some trepidation and restraint.

    "I" am not a "surfer"... "I" choose to use my blog as a vehicle for meaningful conversation and communication with "Others" like your Self... who seek Truth and who value principles other than money, power and position.

    Meeting and chatting with wonderful people like "You" has truly enriched my life artistically and personally as well. "I" am motivated to leave my solitary world of painting and to "connect" and share ideas and process... however briefly it might be.

    Allison is a beautiful spirit... the product of two souls who embrace the responsibility for "seeing "Her" into her world with love, encouragement and support. We are equally proud of "Her"!

    The use of "Pronouns"?

    Simply stated... it arises from my own beliefs, practices and model:

    "You" (Soul)... enabling "ME" (Soul)... to enable "You".

    Simply speaking... that life is a circle. Our blogging relationship is one of many possible examples of this Truth and model in action.

    Hope that this satisfies your reasonable question! Just another "Sherman on the Mount"! HAHA!!

    Good Painting and blogging!
    Warmest regards Autumn,

  7. Absolutely wonderful thoughts...
    Congratulations on your daughter's fabulous achievement!!
    Congratulations on your new perspective as well... Making the shift is enormously important... living it probably as important!! Good for you!!

  8. Hi Bruce,
    I am so happy for you and your daughter for this great achievement, I don't mind you being so open on your blog, thats what I think its for. I come from a divorced family and my real father did not attend my college graduation and still have not spoken or seen him I am very fortunate to have an amazing step-father that I truly think was sent from above. Point being I am glad you went to your daughters graduation because no matter how indifferent we all are when the moments count we have to put our indifferences to the side and celebrate the good in all of us. I am so glad to have you as a friend and too see what an amazing father you are! Trust me when I tell you she will always appreciate you being there for that special moment it means more than you can ever imagine. Congrats again my friend and take care!

  9. Hi Bruce,

    How wonderful for Allison to have both her parents share in this wonderful occasion. You and your wife have given her a gift to be treasured all of her life. That even though you are no longer together, you both were there for her special day.

    All the best to you and your family.


  10. Thank "You" Marian!... For dropping by again... and for leaving your always encouraging and insightful comments and the richly deserved kudos to Allison!

    "You" are indeed right about one's assuming a "new" perspective. It is one's actions... not the words... and the living of those words and the "new" perspective in day-to-day living that is most important.

    Good Painting!
    Warmest regards Marian,

  11. Hi Friend Jonathan!.... Thank "You" ever so much for your kind words... and more importantly for your candid expression of your own experience.

    "We" do share a path and obvious "convergences"... that few realize in their "too-busy-to-connect" lives.

    "I" too... am thankful to have found good friends... just like "You" who DO care.. to share... openly and without fear of prejudice or judgement.

    Sorry for your real father Jonathan. He has missed a wonderful blessing that a more worthy man has embraced and enjoyed... in "You".

    Even from this distance... "I" sense a very special Human Being and Spirit. One that creates... not only Art... but Happiness for the world around "Him"!..... "Daily" as well! HAHA!!

    Stay the course!

    Good Painting!
    Warmest reagards my Friend,

  12. Thank "you" Joan!... It was indeed a great day for us all... one memory for us all to carry... each in our own special way... and together in the spirit of "family" as well.

    Thank "You" for your ever kind visits and comments Joan!Have a wonderful visit with your family!

    Good Painting!
    Warmest regards,

  13. Bruce:

    Thank you for sharing your experience of Allison's wonderful achievement in such a personal and meaningful manner.

    Big hugs,

  14. Thank "You" Jill... for visiting and for your kind words in support of Allison's "Big Day"!

    It is so very encouraging and uplifting to have complete strangers like your Self come forward to embrace and support of our family from afar!

    Big hugs back to "You" Jill!
    Warmest regards,

  15. Hi Bruce
    Just stumbled upon your blog
    What a treat
    Your lilacs are glorious
    and your ramblings are wonderful
    very poetic
    Thanks for sharing