Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The frost is on the pumpkin!.....

I arose at 5:15 this morning to a heavy white covering of what is a gardener's nightmare.... a "Killer Frost"! Puddles were frozen and in the inky morning sky a crescent moon hung dejected... pale, shivering and colourless. This... along with the snow flurries and ice pellet barrage over the past Thanksgiving Weekend will certainly hasten the early demise of our much anticipated Fall Festival of Colour.

It seems every year that I get bogged down in the middle of a major studio piece... or I face a deadline of some sort which superimposes an inner barrier or "block" that interferes with "getting out there" at this glorious... but very short period of perfect outdoor painting weather. I have sat in front of this canvas for the past week...desperately trying to get the "Flow" back so that I could put this in the "done" bin and ship it off to Nova Scotia for the exhibition there. Time is running out....decisions...decisions.

I think that I will end it today with a "flip of the coin"... a quick and simple act... if I see it through and commit to either the heads or tails decision with a firm plan of action. If Shakespeare had been a fine artist maybe this might have been his famous line:

"To paint...indoors...or not indoors. That is the question"!

Stay tuned for the outcome of... "the flip"...or should I say "flippant"!

Here's the second piece from the Algonquin Trip...a few "licks" here and there...some value adjustments...and signature!

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