Thursday, October 29, 2009

Creating... and adhering to a painting process- Part Two

In this post I will outline my customary set up routine while painting on location. I refer to this routine as my "Two Carry" set up.On the first carry to the selected site, I transport my plastic blue box containing all the loose and spillable items.

I then survey the location looking for a suitable subject... with a fairly level area to set up my easel. After finding these prerequisites I return to my vehicle to select the appropriate paintbox...along with my lunchbox...and if not too far into the bush... a small folding chair that I use on occasion to give my legs a break and to look at the work in progress from a suitable distance.

The blue box snaps shut and prevents unwanted odors or stains in the rear of our van. In it, I pack my Coke carrier filled with 200 ml tubes of colour... smaller sized primed and ready-to-go toned panels of various sizes... 4 liter kerosene supply... small towels...willow charcoal sticks...can of fixative...small length of cord and bungees...brush cleaning can...hand cleaner and plastic bread bags to store dirty cloths,etc. in (to carry out from the site).

AS the picture demonstrates... the box with lid on serves as a place to put my brushes, a drink and toweling during the session. The Coke carrier loaded with the heavy tubes of colour is affixed with cord or bungee to the crosspiece to the legs on my easel to counter the disastrous effects of possible gusty wind conditions. This set up routine usually makes my outings trouble free and enjoyable...and takes only minutes to arrange.Prior planning is a real advantage to painting enjoyably and successfully in the outdoors. Watching the weather reports beforehand also helps lessen the chances for last minute disasters and to guide your choice of locations.

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