Saturday, December 14, 2019

Moon Struck... Again... and Again

I have chosen to offer the much beloved classic " Moonlight Sonata" as my prelude to this pre-Christmas post. It never fails to elevate my emotional and creative juices in preparation to paint. Often... it leads to actual  lunar themed paintings paired with prose, such as the last post's focus... "On Being Wed to a Winter Moon.

It seems not impossible... but inconceivable that a deaf man - Ludwig van Beethoven could imagine such a powerful image trapped within his mind and conduct it through an impassable labyrinth of impossibility to our reality. But as Leonard Cohen exalted in his own mastery of imagery and song "Anthem":

"There is a crack in everything, that's where the light gets in."

It is through imperfection and risking that the purest examples of beauty come. Never stop trying. Never stop using your own "voice." Be proud of your Self. Failure is not a mistake. It's a learning opportunity. Just a perspective.The lessons to be learned are there for the taking. Reach out! Never give up!

"A Sugar Moon" - oil on canvas 22 x 18 inches, I feel shares a similar peaceful, reverence, one unsullied by the activity imposed by the presence or activities of man. That was my immediate goal at least. Beethoven has achieved this ever so brilliantly in terms of composition, color, movement and phrasing. Might you agree???

A Sugar Moon

Moonlight strafes the darkened maple stand
Silent sentinels on guard until the return of spring.
Somber silhouettes in the quiet winter night,
Their arms outstretched... thrusting into the inky blackness of the beyond
Ever hoping vainly to capture the celestial disc.

The now deserted shack sits patiently waiting
The murmur and mirth of the excited voices...
Of they, who passed the long cold nights
Sharing labor, food and laughter,
Privileged were they to share and savor their sugary secrets.

Spring seems always to return... but will the voices?
Not likely will this shanty fill to the brim with that steamy maple liqueur.
Not likely will these now moldering pans feel heat
Or ever yield another dram or pint of that precious maple gold-
This landscape and the sweet taste of Paradise... are forever lost!

How strange! This poem was written one early morning. To be exact... on December 14th, 2006

The final full moon of this year... and this decade occurred on the clear evening of Thursday, Dec. 12th, 2019. I watched until I saw the silvery orb appear dramatically over the eleven storey condo to the east of our building... and lift silently , yet serenely out of view overhead.

The embedded "man in the moon"... the"cow jumping over the moon" memories remain fully with  me to this very day. My imagination continues to search for my own imagery to faithfully record the overwhelming gravitational pull that this phenomena has imposed upon my thinking and creative expression time after time.

The actual appearance of the moon in this particular phase represents celestial perfection for me. So much so, that I have felt my painting ability imperfect by itself to capture the sense of awe and majesty that a full moon imparts.

Working on recurring themes is in my opinion... not a weakness, but rather a strength. Using past thoughts and ideas helps build bridges for new growth and perceptions.

I will share two more "moonscapes" with you before sending my Christmas message and blessings to all!

Stay tuned...

Rich blessings of Good Health and renewed creative energy... to ALL


  1. Thank you Art -Traveller! Rich blessings and good health. Merry Christmas!

  2. Such a truely beautiful painting Bruce, love the light of the moon on the snow and the quietness of it all. Looking forward to seeing more of your moon paintings soon. Blessings to you this festive season Bruce, Caroline in Scotland!

  3. Good frosty December morning to you Lass!

    Thank you for your uplifting responses to my "moon walking"... lol. Sharing the sense of peace and quiet was certainly my intent. As well... just another attempt to familiarize people "from away" with the beauty and the richness of our cultural events.

    Sweet dreams... and good painting in The New Year Caroline!
    Warmest regards,

  4. A truly thoughtful and inspiring post, Bruce, anchored by your magical painting. Your artistry has forever captured the magic, wonder and solitude of the cold moonlit night. Merry Christmas to you and yours and may your holiday season be filled with all those little imperfections that move you closer and closer to beauty.

  5. Thank you Friend Susan for your very encouraging words and thoughts. Your appreciation of the painting beyond its visual appeal really strikes to the very core of what I have set out to achieve throughout my entire painting journey.

    While I do indeed feel that I have achieved a degree of artistry through my pursuit of excellence and "stick-to-it've-ness"(if I might use that phraseology)... I feel that I have more fully met and achieved a higher goal as a documentarianist. That is... an accurate recorder of the historical, cultural and natural landscapes in which I was blessed to live through my painting interests and subjects.

    Though, as my folk music idol, Gordon Lightfoot has written... and I fully subscribe to as well:I'm just a painter passing through."

    Merry Christmas to you and your family as well. Enjoy your break away from your easel. Look forward to sharing ideas and "time"in 2020.

    Warmest regards... and rich blessings.

  6. Hi Bruce, love night paintings! Always so magical. I agree with your thoughts on revisiting themes. We are not now the same person we were when we first explored. Each new experience adds a layer of understanding and skill that adds to the richness of the new visit - a fresh step along a journey. My very best wishes to you and Deb.

  7. Hi back to you Lisa! You readily know about the process and the absolute need and value for artists to revisit themes... ideas and experiences... to continue growing. It is the combined layering of one's own thoughts... with those we encounter through exposure to those of mentors and people that we admire. Remaining on blogger is indeed an act sharing and caring that many followers who have "bailed" don't understand the intrinsic "Why" to continue to participate when others turn their backs on it as a tool for learning. Thank you for continuing to understand and to reach out. I ALWAYS enjoy our sharing an caring! Best wishes and blessings Lisa!

    Merry Christmas!
    Bruce and Deb

  8. Thanks for your comment and for visiting!