Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Work... in Progress!

Not quite the same ring as "work in progress"... my title today intends to intimate the fact that for the next several weeks... I shall be "away from this desk"... taking care of business. That business is our combined push to ready ourselves to open the rapidly-approaching summer season with fresh inventories for our frequent summer visitors and for folks dropping by and discovering our Paint Box Gallery - the best kept secret in the Thousand Islands!

There is much to be considered and done in preparation for this early May Grand Opening. We are a splendid team, I think. Each of us brings our separate strength and passion to be integrated into a stronger... more cohesive and visually appealing milieu. We each value and respect the artisan-ship of the other and the absolute need for a fair and equal division of labor. We are both blessed... to"be on the same page."

I am deeply involved in the painting and designing "department"... whereas Deb competently handles the business preparations and affairs... plus the production of her own unique artisan quality gift cards, line of funky jewelry and stained glass. When we aren't actually in our basement studio... cranking tunes and working... we are planning together. There is no room for a quick trip south... but that is our own personal choice because...

"At The Paint Box Gallery... Art Matters!".... above all else!!!

In a strange sort of way... our lives parallel those lives of the many species of birds that visit our feeders. Suddenly, from out of the blue really... their activity levels and behaviors have changed drastically. They seem more frenetic... even aggressive at times. And yes... it is that annual "he-n'and she-n' time - Love is in the air! HA HA!!

I have made the tough choice to take a temporary ... but absolutely necessary hiatus from blogging. I shall miss the activity because I love writing (almost) as much as painting. But, as I often mention in my posts... that to become a successful "working" artist one must be willing to make sacrifices of time... money and preferred activity to support business goals.

I will leave three of my most recent projects as a "sneak preview" for what will (hopefully) be unveiled in a few short weeks!

Stay tuned... now back to my easel!

Happy Spring!... and Good Painting! ALL!!

Here is the framed donation piece created specifically for the silent auction and fund raising dinner in support of our local Lansdowne Medical Center. Organizers reported a bidding duel between two individuals that put the considerable asking price in the coffers of this state-of-the-art medical facility. That warms my heart to be joined with the legion of generous supporters of this community venture... and asset.

Bravo... and kudos to the organizers under Leslie! Ironically... Leslie is a post mistress who with her husband and children operate a sugar bush. How "sweet"... it is! More... crossing over... HA HA!

"Winter Fest Lansdowne...or... Painting the Town Red" - triple oil 7x5 inches framed

And finally...these next two pieces will form equal parts of an autumn thematic venture.

"Alone in the Park, Gananoque" - oil on canvas 14 x 11 inches

"Into the Light, Gananoque" - oil on canvas board 14 x 11 inches


  1. I hope that you get everything done on your list. As for me, I'm adding a visit to your gallery to my bucket list!

  2. Hi there Wendy!... Thank for stopping by.

    I will indeed get everything done on my list- you can bank on that!

    We will really look forward to your visit... whenever you can make it. The Thousand Islands is heaven on earth. Two good reasons to come visit!!

    Warm regards,

  3. Good Morning Bruce. I'm not surprised that the bidding was lively for your triptych, it looks beautiful in its frame. The dark wood sets off the panels, and the complimentary blues and browns make the colours glow.

    I hope your preparations go well. The winter seems long, and yet I always find myself asking, "Is it that time of year again already?"!

    All the best for the Grand Opening,

  4. Good morning Keith!... A frosty one here at -15C... but sunny and bright. Really lifts my spirits!

    The triple... became an out-of-the-park home run simply because of the commitment to the subject... planning and time taken in its execution. The framing was simply the handshake... as we rounded third base for home!

    I truly am enjoying my "new" path - one unencumbered by outside influences. That freedom in itself is invigorating and creative... for me!

    Hope that your painting life/garden continues to bloom as Spring approaches! thanks for your support and presence Keith. I deeply value both!

    Stay tuned...

    Good Painting!
    Warmest regards, Bruce

  5. Getting ready for May! I know it will come but we had snow today and I thought, March??? Best of luck with the prep and the opening and the new paintings!!! We'll be here when you have time to return.

  6. Hi there Rhonda!... I get "the drift"... not too distant Toronto got buried yesterday in a storm that was supposed to dump 15-30 cm here. We lucked out in the snow department... but it's -15C... COLD!!!

    I was glad to return to the warm studio after my morning walkabout... content to paint in solitude.

    May will be on our doorstep soon enough... and we have lots still to ber accomplished - but... we're getting there... day by day!

    Thanks for dropping by! Your new floral explorations look cool!

    Good painting!
    Warmest regards,

  7. Ah...autumn! My favorite of all seasons! Beautiful paintings, Bruce!

  8. Hi there Crimson Leaves! ... Who'd have guessed that your fav season would be autumn??? HA HA!!

    Glad to see you posting... and visiting again Sherry. Hope all is well in your life... after winter "hibernation"!

    Happy Spring!

    Good Painting!
    Warmest regards,