Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Tapping Into Spring's Energy...

I have resumed my desk jockey job... making necessary preparations for our Spring Opening in early May. Painting is definitely on the back burner for at least another week. By that time... by the weather god predictions, this year's annual maple sugaring run will be on the down turn... if not ceased.

I did not follow my annual bush visitation routine at all... and for that I am a bit disappointed. However... I did take the initiative to complete a related portrait piece that had been too long in the "Idea" bucket. I managed to dedicate a block of time to seeing it to completion... and I am satisfied to have that painting marker for the 2016 sugaring off season.

Judging by the very warm reception that the "Ken" portrait on birch panel... and his own Horseshoe valley Sugar Bush Face Book page have received, I decided to share a medley of my own past sugaring off favorites for those who might enjoy a Sherman re-viewing of Ontario bushes that I have frequented. Enjoy the flow...

Sweet Spring!... and Good painting... to ALL!!!

AWB... on location in late autumn at McFadden's Bush, Oro-Medonte

The finished painting  SOLD

 "The Real Team Canada" - Smail's Bush, Groveton - oil on canvas 5x7 feet   SOLD

  "Sweet Dreams" - demo 16x20 inches  SOLD

 "Three Bucket Maple" - water color on 300 lb Arches paper  GIFTED to Andrew Sherman

"Smail's... Under Steam" - water color on 300 lb Arches paper  SOLD

"January Thaw" - Ego's Bush 10th Line Oro-Medonte - 20x24 plein air canvas

"Sap's Runnin' " -oil on birch cradle Board panel 10x12 inches  SOLD

"Team Canada... Too" oil on canvas 36x36 inches  SOLD

"Before the Run Begins at Lalonde's Bush" - oil on panel 11x14 inches  SOLD

"Afternoon Recess, Drummond's Sugar Bush, Kemptville" - water color on 1/2 sheet 300 lb Arches paper  Gifted to Joan Sherman

 "Sugar Moon" - a wood cut 8x8 inches on litho paper  Gifted to Lisa (Sherman) Shamray

Monotype and ink experimental piece  SOLD

"Entrance to Ken and Rene McCutcheon's Bush" -oil on canvas 20x24 inches  SOLD

"Canadian Bucket Brigade" - oil on canvas 18x14 inches  SOLD


  1. Sweeeeeeet! ;o) I love 'Three Bucket Maple' the light is gorgeous.
    Best wishes.

  2. Good morning Lisa!... "How Sweeeeet it is!"

    The run flows on with the continuance of sub-zero night temperatures and warm sunny days!

    "Three Bucket" was a pivotal moment in my artistic journey. I knew where I wanted to go after finishing that piece. The "Ken" portrait moves me back into that zone once again. The circle is full!... Sugar Moon... indeed!

    Happy Spring and Good Painting!
    Warmest regards,