Thursday, March 19, 2015

Winter's Back... Is Broken

Show opening... a ray of  renewal... and Sunshine!

Everyone welcome to attend if you live nearby! See you there on Saturday, March 28th -  2-4:00 pm

The title of today's post "Winters' Back... is Broken"... clearly reflects the conditions here on the River and in Rockport. Winter has indeed lost his deeper-than-usual icy grip on the flow of this majestic and timeless body of water. The River has visibly resumed its never-ceasing journey eastward towards the Atlantic Ocean. Large pans and floes of ice pass like seasonal seaway/river freighters soon will... with apparent ease and determination. Along the shoreline... the cracking... booming voice of the thick river ice caused by ice pressure during the deep winter months is no more. That eerie and often unsettling sound has been replaced by the constant rattling of the broken shards of clear, glass like shoreline ice caused by wind and wave movement. Spring and its sounds are in the air both on... and around the River!

On land, even out our front window... bird sounds and behaviors have shifted dramatically from those driven primarily by hunger and winter survival... to new and more aggressive, audacious and audibly different pitches. One can easily tell that this change is for an entirely different purpose. These reflect territorial interests and disputes, as well as specific spring body language; dance-like in many cases to denote Spring nesting and courting interests. All the world's a-Twitter and a-Tweet... just like the current interest surge in social media postings! "Love is in the air..."

Creeks and small streams have lost their pristine and icy silence. At least they show that orange -green color that denotes underlying and as yet unseen change and rot is well underway. Soon that will give way and the dark melt water will feverishly and noisily rush with full and unabridged fury and abandon towards the main rivers... now open and ready to receive it.

Trees everywhere sport a fresh pinkish-red cast in their crowns... especially in the fading afterglow of the greatly lengthening end of day light. The maples have just released their sap on its annual voyage from the winter storage safety in the root system... up the trunk and skyward to trigger and to encourage the budding into the next stage - the blooming of leaves. This accounts for the sweet smell of Spring maple production which permeates all bushes in the heavily covered hardwood stands in this area.

All of these changes help elevate a change and shift in my own inner spirit and painting process. I am drawn to get "out there" to become a player in this brief annual pageant... or Natural Nativity! Stay tuned for scenes like these to come to this blog station. The run is now heavily underway!...

I'm outta here!...

Good (Spring) Painting!... to ALL!!!

"Winter's Grasp... is Broken" - oil on panel 12 x 16 inches SOLD

"Sweet Taste of Spring" - oil on canvas 20 x 16 inches SOLD

"The Real Team Canada" - oil on canvas 5 feet x 7 feet SOLD

"One Bucket From Home" - oil on panel 12 x 14 inches SOLD

"Sun Bathing at Smail's Sugar Bush, Groveton ON watercolor on Arches 300 lb paper 11 x 15 inches SOLD

" Afternoon Recess, Sunderland's Sugar Bush Kemptville ON Watercolor on Arches 300 lb  paper - 16 x 20 inches - Gifted

 "Sugar Moon, Sheppard's Bush  Aurora ON - oil on canvas 18 x 14 inches - Gifted

"Three Bucket Maple" - 22 x 30 inch watercolor on Archers 300 lb paper - Gifted

Afternoon Recess - oil on canvas 36 x 36 inches - SOLD

Fresh Snow... McCutcheon's Sugar Bush - Horseshoe Valley oil an canvas 24 x 20 inches SOLD

Into the Evening Shadows, Madoc ON " oil on panel 24 x 20 inches - SOLD


  1. Every single painting is just gorgeous. You are a master with the variances of brown too, Bruce. I love finding new little surprises that I missed on first pass with each of these. Love the upside down bird tasting the sap too! Glad winter has lost its icy grip at last for you. Here too.

  2. Gorgeous artwork, Bruce! Best of luck with the exhibition! It should be a wonderful show!

  3. Good morning Sherry!... Glad that winter has dissipated... and slinked away everywhere! Watch him though... for he's a trickster! HA HA!!

    Glad that you are finding new things within the paintings... I look again as well and even surprise myself! HA HA!

    Good Painting... and Happy Spring to you!

    Warmest regards,

  4. Good morning Katherine!... Thanks for your visit... and for your encouraging comments! I value them as greatly... as I do your own consistently exceptional work!

    Good Painting... and Happy Spring to you!

    Warmest regards,

  5. Hi Bruce, I'm glad to hear that you are seeing the back of winter. These paintings wonderfully capture the feelings you express. They could have made another "Spring" exhibition, if so many hadn't already found good homes.

    All the best, and good painting,

  6. Good morning Keith!... Thanks for your "sweet breath of spring" visit!

    I hope to have such a collection and show ... perhaps for next year and will begin to produce the body of work for it when my ":spring chores" are accomplished to re-open the Gallery in May! Lots to do... but as Deb said yesterday:

    "Nice to be thinking summer... and being outside again."

    I'm with her on that! It has truly been a very severe winter here this year. It even kept me indoors!

    Good Painting to you as well... and Happy Spring Keith!
    Warmest regards,