Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Sharing a Gift..

The purpose of this blog forum has always been to openly share ideas and painting processes with kindred spirits... to build a community of passionate and creative individuals who can offer an alternative to the darkness that seems to engulfed the world around us. But tonight that gift of sharing comes not from me... but from another source.

I have always believed that the greatest contribution that a society can leave behind to guide future generations is to be found in the Arts. For this reason... I have dedicated my entire life to carrying my own creative message of Hope through my art to be shared with children and teachers of children. I believe that children and education are the bastions of Hope for our current generation. Perhaps... that was always so.

Tonight... I would like to pass forward to you an uplifting manifestation of proof for these beliefs in the form of this You Tube video that my long time painting pal Frank Edwards shared with me this evening. I cannot tell you the impact of this performance on me personally. Watch it yourself and you be the judge. Pass it forward and share it with those in your own life... who might understand the power of this message... and its effect upon their own thinking and journey.

"Oh I have slipped the surly bonds of earth..."... on the wings of this nine year old angel of song. Turn up your speakers... and be prepared to be carried heavenward! Enjoy!

Peace and Hope can triumph! The Arts unifies and inspires the best we can aspire to as Humanity. This video validates this belief fully.

Good Painting.... and Listening... to ALL!!!!!

Amira Willighagen... is a nine year old Dutch musical prodigy... with a voice that comes from... God only knows!


  1. Absolutely brilliant; amazing! She's so pretty too and I was reminded of the Hollywood glamour starlets of the 30's and 40's.

  2. Good morning Sherry!... Thanks for checking in this morning so promptly!

    All of that... BUT... "Where" does the gift come from???... continues to be still beyond my comprehension.... even after years of contemplating this phenomenon... and deep mystery.

    Perhaps the answer lies well beyond what Man should ever know ... or completely understand... hanging... "Somewhere Out There..." ... where Heaven... God... and angels only tread.. in that vast beyond that we call The Universe.

    God only... "knows"!!!

    Good Painting!
    warmest regards,

  3. Of course, I believe all gifts come from God. Never on our own...

  4. Right on Girl!.... WE are ALL... greatly blessed!

    Good Painting!... Happy Spring!
    Warmest regards,