Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Autumn Enters... at a Gallop!

It is strangely bewildering to discover how quickly autumn seems to have arrived... and summer vanished. The constant summer boating delirium on the river has been replaced by either complete quiet... or an occasional whine of an outboard. Bus tour traffic has dropped off and visitors to the gallery comprise of retired folk intentionally day tripping after the hordes have departed. The "summer people" have surrendered their island refuges for another season... driven either by lower than usual water... or their migratory habits and demands to return southward for the long, cold winter months lying not so distantly ahead. Our dwindled once florid flower beds tell us that winter is on its way- the much-feared word "frost" has been mentioned in very recent local weather forecasts.

Our song bird visitors... amongst them our three  ruby throated humming birds appear less regularly...and seem somewhat unappreciative or disinterested in Deb's sugary offerings. Jays and crows... once quietly absent in the heat of summer are now obnoxiously omni-present... their raucous ranting especially unpleasant in the very early morning. Silently marauding flocks of American Robins sweep the yard and treed areas in search of food... foretelling their mass departure. Swallows line the telephone wires and long... strung out flocks of blackbirds swarm corn fields. Fall has arrived! On the art scene... my focus must soon shift to annual trips "out there"... trying to record the rapidly changing landscape from summer greens... to scarlet fanfare... and finally to winter bareness.

Time management becomes the real concern and necessity for the plein air painter. As well... for the first time in over a decade... flower beds must be tended and readied for sleep as well. Given the number of ancient oaks closeby... there will be much yard clean up as well. I am entering three painting into the ECOAA's annual "Mystery in the Park" exhibition... an Algonquin opportunity for exposure to large numbers of visitors for the annual  leaf tour.

After a recent invitation... a recent  piece of my work was featured at the grand  opening of  new The Eagle Point Winery closeby. It was a gala cultural affair blending the presence of the new Chinese owners and the local residents. I am including a couple of jpegs to give a bit of the flare of this late summer harvest event. My first time witnessing a "Lion's Dance"... an energetic and colourful spectacle for sure!

Friday... our 2nd Annual Rockport Plein Air Paint Out is taking place here in the village and in the Islands.
You'll remember that it was my coming to this event to paint that resulted in our decision and action to move bodies and business to Rockport! Am looking anxiously forward to painting with the twenty odd painters already registered for the event! Hope that the weatherman cooperates! Thunderstorms are on the radar for Friday! Pack the rain gear gang!

 Given all of these tasks coming up (too) quickly... my blog will have to receive less than my usual attention and time. I had seriously considered taking a hiatus for a few months... but have learned from experience that sometimes the road leads away and if left... even with the good intentions to retrace the path back... often that never occurs. I enjoy writing... and sharing thoughts and events in the common lives and pursuits of "regulars" who visit and share with me on our sites! I'll do my best to check in as my time permits... and when things slow down a bit!

Until then... Happy Autumn Painting ... to ALL!!!

"Annual Mystery in the Park Exhibition" opening on October 29th, 2012

 "Tamarack Time" Opeongo Road, Algonquin Park--oil sketch on linen 14x18 inches

 "Pointers" - oil sketch  on canvas 16x20 inches

"Spring Tumbles In... at the Chute in the Algonquin Park Logging Museum Exhibition" - oil Demo 24x18 inches

The Grand Opening of The Eagle Point Winery

 Lion Dancers entertaining the crowd of visitors

The Eagle Point Winery main building

Casks of aging new wine

\ New General Manager greeting visitors at one wine bar area

"Island Joy" oil on canvas 30x24 inches on the mantle at the Winery!
Looks very comfortable! HA HA!!!

Once again.... Happy Fall Painting ... to ALL!!!


  1. Autumn has arrived very quickly this side of the pond too. It seems to have come overnight almost. I'm looking forward to the colours as shown in 'Tamarack Time' - what a fabulous painting! A show stopper. Have fun on your paint out.

  2. Hi there Lisa!... Summer... come and gone! Hard to believe that we have our first summer under our belts already!

    I too look forward to fall... and the many changes... some mentioned in the body of the post.

    "Tamarack Time"... believe it or not was painted in a steady down pour of rain during the entire session.

    My painting pal on the day, David Kay and I were huddled under the high back hood of my Dodge caravan... out of the elements... from the chest forward... wet from the backside out! HA HA!! Worth it though... the painting is a nice one...l lots of wet... dark colour!

    Enjoy your fall Lisa! Thanks for dropping by!

    Good Painting!
    Warmest regards,

  3. Your words make me long for the autumn to arrive and stay...We're getting low 50's at night but back up to mid and upper 80's during the day. Still, so much better than the oppressive 90's and 100's we had for most of June and July.

    Enjoy your hiatus, Bruce. I know you will. Love the paintings you've shared, but I have loved your work for a long while now. Can't wait to see what you share next.

  4. Hi there Sherry!... Same kind of weather... up n' down... but hey!... That's fall! better that it's gradual so we can manage the change less stressfully!

    I look forward to lots of fall painting... and the colour... which by the way... is present and accounted for in its initial stages already!

    Stay tuned!... more to come!

    Good Painting and Happy Fall!
    Warmest regards,

  5. Here also, the tell tale signs of Autumn are all to evident. The brightly colourful garden beds are looking dull and tired and leaves will start to fall from the trees any time now. I am only weeks away from having to undertake the huge job of lifting all of my Fuchsia's, potting them and squeezing them into my greenhouse like sardines in a can. Great paintings and a lovely post bordering on the poetic at times. Nice work Bruce.
    All the best.

  6. Hi Bruce, there are signs of change here too. The weather is getting windier and the rowan trees are full of berries. Aren't we lucky to have seasons, bringing change and new opportunities?

    I hope all goes well with the Paint Out and exhibition.

    All the best,

  7. Hi there John!... I am in exactly the same place that you find yourself!

    Summer has fled, taking with her the flower children she brings along with her. I will miss their colourful faces and now must get down to preparing the beds to sleep... and to making changes in what we had to wait for last year... when all of this space was new to us.

    Glad that the post... including both words and paintings pleased you. That was my hopeful intent!

    Good Painting... and Gardening John! Thanks for dropping by and for adding your own Fall news! Fun!

    Warmest regards,

  8. Good morning Keith!... We are indeed blessed to have the change in seasons! These changes fuel inspiration to paint ... and to simply approach living differently!

    We have two rowan trees... called mountain ash in these parts... one of them the perch for our dominant female hummer!

    We really had a blow.... accompanied by heavy rain during our evening meal at the Plein Air Paint Out... but the day was perfect for painting otherwise... and I had a most wonderful first day!

    Stay tuned... next post will give you the drift in full!

    Thanks for dropping by Keith and for your good wishes! Enjoy your own fall changes... and .... bundle up HA HA!!!

    Warmest regards,

  9. So wonderful that you are achieving the notice you deserve! I think your move to Rockport was a terrific decision for both of you! Looking at your posts and images makes me almost want to leave beautiful Vancouver Island to move back to your area:-) Somehow I think I am now permanently wedded to this place, though, as it has so much of what I have looked for all of my life, and who could ask for more?

  10. Hi there Karen!!!... Why continue to search or wish your self afield to exotic places... when you already dwell... in Eden... a place where your soul is now "wedded to a place that you have looked for your entire life?"

    Paint your time left away with your Bob and Doggy pals under the quilts... reading under the sweet warm light of coal oil l;amps... Need I say more! "You"... are so deeply blessed!

    Good Painting!
    Warmest regards,