Monday, September 24, 2012

An Autumn Pause... for Algonquin Reflections

The words 'Autumn' and 'Algonquin' do in fact... share common first letters. They are always capitalized in  my usage of the two words. In my own my own artistic vocabulary, they are even considered by me to be synonymous in meaning. During my almost forty year relationship combining these two, I have been blessed to enjoy plein air painting in this unique and beautiful-beyond-words wilderness Park, I have always been able to return to "Her"... in every season... but most particularly in Autumn and find myself continuously inspired to paint and moved to higher levels of awe by her beauty and unchanged solitude.

During those forty plus years en plein air there, The Park has greatly advanced my development as an artist. "She" has revealed to me... in seasonal layers of knowledge, her secrets  which have helped me to better understand Creation... and my place in it. "She" has taught "Me"...  a greater and more lasting respect for the magnificence of Creation ... and for all living things within The Circle of Life. "She"has, as well... on more than a single occasion contributed to the healing of my soul through the administration of the sweet salve of her silence and peace during troubled times. "I" always returned feeling uplifted... more whole!

As I prepare to meet "Her" later on this week, my anticipation has already built to a crescendo of anticipation to be once again unfettered and free to walk... paint...  think and commune in solitude... as "She" presents herself to "Me." After the "Mystery in the Park Exhibition" jurying part of the foray is completed, I will hitch up with my long time painting pal, David Kay (who lives in Whitney at the East Gate entrance to the Park) for a day or two of early fall painting... just before the "Leaf Creepers"... hordes and bus loads of "from away" visitors swarm at the zenith of the annual colour change.

They are indeed necessary, and welcomed participants in this annual Pageant of Colour, simply because they infuse necessary dollars and income into an otherwise very remote area...  which quite literally hibernates with many of its resident fauna for the rest of the long, cold winter months- save for the noisy snow machine operators who ply the numerous well-groomed trails in and around the Park. Folks in the Park area depend upon this final injection of tourism after the high summer activities like camping, hiking and fishing have ceased... and a time when many of the summer Park facilities are either halted limited or closed during the winter months. Many areas are simply inaccessible in the winter because of snowfall conditions.

I am offering pot-pourri collection of my favourite Autumn in Algonquin paintings from over the years... to whet your appetites for what 'might' come out of this trip. Judging by the overwhelming interest in ... and response to past Algonquin posts on my blog... it would appear that I am not the only one smitten by "Algonquin's Magnificence ... in All Seasons! I hope that you enjoy this bit of "rewind"...or time trekking back through my past trips to The Park!. Please... stay tuned...

I'll be back in a flash... with another Algonquin stash! HA HA!!

  An Autumn Technicolour Dream Coat Collection - Both small and large!!!

Magnificent in all seasons!

Still clear evidence of early life and settlement...

A tangled garden of colour  and texture...


Subjects everywhere to be found... and translated

Drama and exquisite light effects...

Ceaselessly babbling brooks...

Empty lakes to have to oneself...

Water Music!... Noisy rapids... a challenge to be captured

Quiet pools... away from the din of humanity

Private River-side studio spaces...

And moments of hush... when all of Creation seems to come to a standstill! Solitude!

Good Fall Painting !... to ALL!!!


  1. oooooooohhh.... the anticipation! I'm looking forward to your next 'stash'. This is my favourite season for the wild weather we can get on the coast - one minute crashing storm the next blazing sun. I'll be thinking of you painting in your glorious autumnal colours whilst I busy myself with the colourful greys.

    Happy painting.

  2. I've just sucked in my breath at the beauty of these pieces, Bruce. Shown in my favorite season, these spots would do that to me easily. Every one is gorgeous!

  3. Good Morning Lisa!... Thank you for visiting... and for adding your own version of Autumn anticipation!

    What you have mentioned is surely a part of Autumn here as well. The only thing that one is guaranteed about Fall weather in the Park... is that it will change inside of fifteen minutes!

    Get 'er down quickly... is the order of business! HA HA!!

    Enjoy your painting and weather Lisa! I'll be thinking of you... crashing surf and greys and blues! Anticipation!

    Good Fall Painting!
    Warmest regards,

  4. Good Morning Sherry!... I am so pleased that these snapshots of Autumns Passed have given you a high feeling of pleasure!

    Looking back to select the pictures from amongst hundreds left me with the same feeling of elation... and heightened anticipation.

    It is rewarding to revisit places where your heart felt one with Creation. Painting has provided me... and my painting pals over those forty years so much to remember and cherish.

    Good Painting and Happy Fall Sherry!

    Warmest regards,

  5. Thank you for this beautiful post - which reminds us that many of us become rejuventated from trips with nature; not just viewing but walking, feeling, smelling the leaves and mulch and changing winds. And each one of these paintings shares that feeling of being with nature. Enjoy!!

  6. Thank you Rhonda for your visit and for your encouraging comments regarding this post's contents and paintings!

    You are indeed right ... that making paintings is not the sole reason for being "out there." Aesthetic reasons... which you mention help shape ones health and emotions... which then elevate one's Creative Spirit!BONUS!

    Glad that you enjoyed your visit! Do return again soon!

    Good Fall Painting!
    Warmest regards,

  7. Hey Bruce,

    Nothing can compare to those special places we carry in our hearts and souls to dream of and contemplate when at a distance but always come back to. journey.


  8. Hi Bruce, what a feast to the eyes, all paintings are full of sunshine and brightness. Love those autumn colours. Enjoy the painting in the park! Lots of late autumn sunshine here too in the highlands.

  9. Good evening Jeffrey!... Thanks for visiting!It is those special places which we visit... and paint that make our lives and memories special!

    It is a pleasure to post them for others who might not otherwise be ever able to experience visiting to enjoy. Likewise... it is always exciting to vist the unique and special places(via the images) of other Friends for me!

    Good Fall Painting! Warmest regards,

  10. Thank you Caroline for your encouraging comments about these paintings. I did indeed enjoy my Park sojourn... no matter its brevity!

    I'm home now... a bit weary from the four hour drive back... but still soaring! The colour was indescribably stunning this year!

    Stay tuned for the results!...

    Good Fall Highland Painting!
    Warmest regards,