Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Home Stretch...

Sorry that I didn't post my progress last evening... just too bagged after a long day of pulling things together. I had to make up some time over the past two days... and have done so. After looking at the jpeg for today... I am ready to drop the whole piece down to its original level to work up the flatter areas... particularly in the upper reaches of the Winter and Fall panels. Be prepared for some startling changes in those obviously unexplored areas.

I ended yesterday's session by carefully placing some of the vertical elements... more or less to break up the strongly dominant horizontal nature of this panoramic view. One can already see that it requires only a few carefully placed verticals to accomplish the task... so I will be very careful from here on in. "Little can say a lot." Leave something for the viewer to do in the experience of viewing. That's important.. "I" personally always feel!

Well... back to the "twin easels".... one for all around colour and the second reserved for the
"lights" of the and water elements. Keeps those lights "uncorrupted."

Good Painting to All! Stay tuned!....


  1. Bruce, I love it! My favourite bits are the bottom left and the middle right. I find all those branches/trunks/twigs and negative space very exciting. Yay - you're almost finished!

  2. Hi Kim!... Thanks for the encouragement! I must admit... "I" am almost runnin' on empty after this one week marathon!

    On a space so large... it is so much fun to be just feeling your way through things... although it can be frustrating when you hit a wall.

    Opportunities just seem to appear... somewhat I'd imagine like an icebreaker stuck in an ice pack... when magically a path /escape presents itself... and fuyll engines ahead! HAHA!

    Got my eye on the prize now... for sure! I'm really even more happy after today's work. Winter came off without a hitch... I was worried a bit about all of the "frosting" I had in mind for the fir trees.

    GHood Painting!
    Warmest regards,