Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Summertime Dreams...

"Summertime Dreams" has some double entendre in its meaning surrounding it in this post.

First of all, it was the title of a wonderful album release and song by the Canadian song writer and performing legend Gordon Lightfoot.... whose musical melodies and lyrics have been with... and inspired "Me" all along my artistic journey. This winter, my eldest daughter Lisa gifted Deb and I with a dinner theater... which included front row seats at Lightfoot's annual Massey Hall Concert. It was pure magic to listen... see... and feel the power of this incredible minstrel over the two and a half solid hours of hit Canadian anthems. The entire house was on its collective feet and refused to have him leave the stage at closing time. He returned with his long time band members for an additional fifteen minute musical interlude..beginning with "Just A Painter Passing Through". Can you identify with those sentiments?

What attracts "Me" to Lightfoot as an Artist... capital "A" fully intended and earned... is his unflagging loyalty to his fans.Despite having passed the seventy mark on his illustrious journey... he continues to perform and enjoy it... never tiring of the connection to his music and his legion of admirers. "He"is the epitome of an Artist who has relentlessly shared his gift of music and his "Voice" in all parts of Canada, the US and Europe.

His journey has not always been easy. He has endured bumpy periods and was forced to make sacrifices that most others could not face. Life "on the road" is both demanding of time and energy that can become devastating to family and interpersonal relationships. Add to that the act of creating and crafting the songs... alone. As an artist, one can easily imagine the price "He" and his loved ones have made over the breadth of his fifty year career.

At the moment that "He" stood on the front edge of the stage... directly in front of me... only a few feet away... "He" paused in the spotlight for a brief moment... then slowly spoke these words: "This next song was written for my children while I was on the road... and I dedicate it especially to them from me tonight."

That song, a long time favourite of mine left "Me" overcome and tearing openly as it did him at the mike as well. "If Children Had Wings" is a nexus really, connecting our two lives. I only hope that my own work as his has for "Me'... might somewhere... sometime... support another artist who also struggles to create... and finds themselves ...alone... wondering if they should continue... or if ... their choices are worthwhile given the costs.

On Friday... I will be painting...en plein Ayr... in the rustic and quaint village of Ayr. The theme of that show is "Sumertime... and the livin' is easy". Life has indeed been easy for "Me"... lately. That is simply because "I" am able to "dream" again... sweet Summertime Dreams. Through my Art my "Voice" has returned... and "I" feel a Peace and a Passion for life that seemed all but extinguished at one point.... "I" am blessed!

The piece that I have been working on for the past week that is used on today's post is a wedding gift being sent to my Brother Don's step son Jim and his "gal-of-choice" Alana. It is titled ... "A New Beginning-China Beach, Sooke, Vancouver Island, BC. This is the place where I first met Jim and Alana. I thought might be an appropriate subject and linked the title to words that I "copied and pasted" from their wedding invitation.

Sadly, we are unable to attend their wedding, due to our own business commitments... so it is our hope that this gift along with the artistically custom framed wedding invitation a la Deb will indicate our presence, love and blessings at their "New Beginning" nuptials... and for the remainder of their lives together in their new home.

Good luck Alana and Jim! Rich blessings along your journey!

Now back to the "think tank"...drawing board and easel in preparations to begin work on the new large commission... and to ready my Self for Summertime Dreams.. and plein Ayring in Ayr and the opening at Ayrspace 6:00 to 8:00 pm on Friday.

Good Painting to all... and Good Summertime Dreamin'....


  1. I'm not sure why, but this is a favorite post, Bruce. I too love Gordon Lightfoot, yet didn't know he'd been performing for 50 years! (I am 51, so color me surprised. I thought he came into musical being in the 70's.) Being a Lake Michigan native (the IL side, of course), the Wreck of the EF was always a favorite of mine. Much love and blessings to your step-nephew and his new bride to be!

  2. I just love the painting have never come across the singer .

  3. Hi again Autumn!... Glad that "You" enjoyed the post... and the "connection" we share with Lightfoot! There are no borders where music abides Autumn. Music and song form the mucilage of mankind... and unite us in a choir of humanity! Together they bring the best out of us!

    EF is another fav of mine... I have read all of the books available on the event... and I love the engine-like rhythm that drives the lyrics...."and Michigan steams like a young man's dreams...when the winds of November come callin'". Does word "painting" get any better than that line Autumn?

    Fifty years of performing... a dancer on the weekly CBC television hit Tommy Hunter Show where he got his first opportunity to sing. The rest is history now. He recently headlined the Mariposa Folk Festival in July at Orillia with the likes of Sylvia Tyson, Murray McLaughlin, etc.

    Thank "You" for your blessings to Jim and Alana. They are a swell young couple.... intelligent and hard working. They'll do well together!

    Good painting Autumn... and Good Summertime Dreamin'...
    Warmest regards from "just [another] painter passing through". HAHA!

  4. Hi again Ralph!... So glad to hear from "You" again!

    "I" was a bit afraid that "You" might have construed my comment in the last post back to you as being critical. Not so!

    As this post clearly notes Ralph.... ALL of us who have a passion and predilection to create, no matter the medium of expression... suffer at times from Self-doubt and discouragement.
    Too often along our way, we meet those whose only goal in life seems to be destructively critical.

    My blog has NO intentions in this regard. As "I" have clearly stated throughout the life of this blog... "I" hope that it provides a forum through which interested and passionate "creators"... anywhere... can join in "coversation" freely... and without fear of criticism... to share their own ideas,feelings, processes and the events of their daily discoveries and concerns with others who share their passion.

    "I" was really encouraging "You" as an equal Ralph... to take heart and pride in what "You" alone create. "You" are worthy... only if "You" believe that you are. Your work and your honesty "speak" of your own Truth... and "I" for one admire that!

    Good Painting and Happy Summertime Dreamin' Ralph of Fife!

    Warmest regards,

  5. Hi Bruce,
    Best Wishes to Jim and Alana, on their up coming wedding. Bruce how wonderful for them to have an original Bruce Sherman painting.

    I love the colors in this painting and as always your composition is wonderful. A learning experience for me every time I visit your blog. Once again, thank you for sharing.
    Grand kids are over and doing there thing, gotta go. All the best to you.


  6. Hi back Joan!... Thanks for your encouragement! Great news that "You" are making that all important commitment to get "out there"... my equivalent term for "plein airing".

    I'll pass along your best wishes to Jim and Alana! They are a nice match to each other... each a good support for the other!

    Glad that "You" enjoy the blog and get new ideas from my process. "I" exact the same learning when I visit your great site as well!

    Have fun with the Grand kids! Oh... and by the way. I have one of Andrew's two lovely "girls"... my grand kid... Maggie... for a week while they are away on vacation to the US Eastern Seaboard. She is three years young... is full of energy and the "old nick'! She' got four leges and
    She" is a Weinheimer??? Hope the spelling's correct!

    Hey!.... I have to run too!!!.....literally that just to keep up with her! HAHA!!

    Good Painting... and Good Summer Dreamin' Joan!
    Warmest regards,

  7. Wonderful China Beach painting, Bruce...I love the warmth!!! Happy plein airing and continued easy, dreamy, fun and good livin' and painting to you!

  8. Gee, what a lovely painting! It could almost have gone overboard and become too sentimental and "sweet" but it is just gorgeous, plain and simple! Living out here on Vancouver Island for the past eight years has turned me into a true "islander" and I relate strongly to any scenes of this beautiful part of the world. I love Gordon Lightfoot's music also. My parents honeymooned in Orillia and I grew up with Lightfoot's music.
    Looking forward to what you come up with on your plein air visit to Ayr.

  9. Hi Linny!... Thank "You" for the marvellous compliment regarding this piece! I consider that having it come from "You" is so much more meaningful... because you know and have painted the place so vibrantly yourself!

    "I" particularly loves that last Lake Cowichan piece that you posted - "simply" beautiful... and so Linny! A gem in your jewel collection!

    Good painting... Good Livin'... and a full Summertime of stellar plein air success!

    Warmest regards,

  10. Hi Karen!... Thanks for dropping by with your always encouraging and insightful comments!

    One can never fool the "locals"... and most locals resent embellishment or maudlin references to their worlds. They value truth and honesty... in any kind of "conversation"! That lesson became very obvious to "Me"... when I first arrived in Nova Scotia for my five year sojourn there. They let "me" know VERY quickly... that "I" came..."from away"!

    Glad that the colour appealed to you and the natural beauty of that particular place. "I" could easily become "an islander"... transplant! HAHA!!

    As a Canadian... how could not love Lightfoot?... with his totally Canadian lyrics and melody... even if "you came ... "from away"? They are Universals in theme and human emotion.

    Good Painting!..."I" will be checkin' in on "You" again... SOON!
    Warmest regards,

  11. Drat... The comment disappeared... (and it was so well thought out... LOL)

    Anyway... I wanted to say that your tribute to Gordon Lightfoot as well as your gift to the newlyweds is as inspiring as his music!

  12. Hi Marian!... Good to hear from "You" again!

    That "drat" is so much milder... and A LOT more civilized than my "expletive deleted" uttered... when my brain and fingers operate independent of each other... and conspire to do their delete thingy! Happens quite a lot really for this "pick n' peck'er!( Not a swear word! HAHA!!

    Thank you for the compliment re: the tribute and the gift! If the gift stirs their heart only half as much... and only gives them half as much pleasure that Lightfoot's music has provided "Me"... then "I" will feel completely satisfied with that level of acceptance.

    Good Painting... and Summertime Dreamin' Marian!Thanks for dropping by!
    Warmest regards,

  13. Hey Bruce, French Beach never looked so wonderful, what a grand painting!

    I saw Lightfoot perform live at a coffee house in the Yorkville Village when he was much younger and of course because of the venue everyone had seats very close to the peformance. It was mesmerizing and unforgettable and is like yesterday in my memories all these many years later...


  14. Hi Jeffery!... Glad to hear from "You"! Such a grand compliment... coming from a GRAND BC coastal painter! Thank you Sir!

    Lightfoot remains one of my greatest influences in the making of my art. Not only is he the exemplarin my mind... of what it is to be an artist of passion... his music has forever been the driving force and presence in my studio "life". I owe him a great deal!

    Good Painting and Good Summertime Dreamin' Jeffery!
    Warmest regards,