Saturday, May 8, 2010

Creation... and the importance of "Motherhood"

May is an "M" month... may flowers... and most especially... Mother's day! So why must Ol' Man Winter... and his discouraging weather try so very hard to not cooperate? As I am writing this post, it is snowing and blowing viciously outside my window.

Oh well... Happy Mother's Day!... anyways... to all of "You" who are mothers!

We set aside one day in the year to honour the people in our families who are caregivers.... nurturers... confidantes... counsellors... healers... therapists... and lifetime Friends. "You" are indeed worthy of this honour bestowed upon each of you by your individual families and their varied rituals of celebrating this yearly occasion.

"I" envy each family who is still able to carry on this tradition face-to-face with their Mom....Ma... Mum... Mother tomorrow. "I" will be visiting my Mother's grave... flowers in hand... to spend a few quiet moments reflecting thankfully.... reverently... to offer forever my undying love, respect and need... to "Be"... together and "one" with the Soul who made my living possible... and blessed.

While the deep pain and sorrow that visited "me" initially with her passing has ebbed away over time..."I" do experience moments in my daily life when my need to be in touch with "Her"... to feel the comfort of her presence... generous spirit and her unconditional love which "She" offered each member of our family. Strangely... I will often find my Self reaching for the phone to call "Her"... silly ol' Bear!

What my post underscores.. is that a GOOD mother's work is never done... even reaching beyond the grave. My Mom's gifts to "Me" over our shared lifetime will be "passed forward" by "Me"... unconditionally... by "Me" to my own five children... and to every student who sat within my classroom over twenty-seven years.

"I" am indeed blessed to have had such a Mother - capital "M" fully intended and tomorrow my thoughts and my heart will belong to "Her" in gratitude and love.

In closing... I offer another look at a still life painting that "I" created in her memory entitled "Summer Reliquary". She loved all things wild... birds... flowers and her cottage which we summered at for over 50 years. This painting is my reliquary box... to hold all of the sacred memory objects from that riverside "Church". It is included in my book along with this poem that is written on the back of the painting.... my love expressed in my "Two Voices"

I send out my personal best wishes for rich blessings and long life to ALL Mothers!

Summer Reliquary

All the lessons have been taught
But all are not yet learned.
Though all the pages have been written,
Each day I find a new page turned.

A simple smile... or daisy face
Conjures up sweet thoughts of "You"-
Lost words once spoken fall into place,
Come peace and wisdom too.

Though Time and earthly matters do conspire
To blight sweet memory treasures rare,
I only have to look about me,
Or in my heart-
And I always find "You" there.

"I" love "You" forever Mom!

Sunday, June 9Th, 2009


  1. Hi Bruce,
    I just wrote a long comment, that didn't take. All I can say is that your paintings and words are beautiful. They truly touched all moms. All the best to you.

  2. Bruce,
    I too will celebrate Mother's Day for my Mother in memory only, but what a memory (Or memories!) she has left! She was a sweet soul who still makes me who I am today! (I often find myself saying "What would Mom do in this situation"?)I was and still am - blessed!
    Thank you for posting the beautiful poem meant alot to me - and I imagine others as well.
    Thanks for sharing...enjoy your thoughts and memories tomorrow.

  3. Wonderful post and wonderful paintings. I especially like the top piece.
    Bless your dear Mama, and all our Mums.

  4. Beautifully painted and beautifully said.

  5. Hi Joan!... Thanks for your words... they are comforting!

    Use anything that helps....right? It only matters that it does... for "You"! I was deeply touched by your beautiful grand child portrait... Obvious to "Me" and others... that "You" certainly felt what you were painting.... something like pride and love are never-ending ... and elusive. Perhaps that's part of the reason you can't get back to it!

    Maybe... in actual fact... it is..."done"!

    Good Painting Joan!
    Warmest regards,Bruce

  6. Hi Samanatha!... Blogging is a wonderful opportunity to share experiences... ideas... and even personal aspects and feelings... if "You" are courageous enough... and feel the need to reach out.

    I am happy and honoured to bring comfort and less of a feeling of being alone into your life. The word "orphan" belongs only to those who wish to be regarded as such.

    "I" personally don't feel that at all... as my poem suggests. Secondly... by reaching out... and sharing my most personal of feelings... "I" discover... with comfort... that many "others" (like your Self) share my experience... and my resolution to live on in peace and with gratitude.

    Thank "You" for your comforting visit and words.
    Good Painting!
    Warm regards,

  7. Thank "You" Mary.... for your gracious comments. I could have imagined beforehand... that you might enjoy the top one. It's sort of... a "collective"... of Winn "gems" ... all on one canvas!HAHA!!

    Good Painting!
    Warm regards,

  8. Thank "You" Marian!.... I appreciate your visit and kind compliments!

    Good Painting!
    Warm regards,

  9. What beautiful paintings and poem!!! Great post!