Sunday, November 1, 2009

Fall Colour Festival Closes

This exciting... but very brief season of dramatic colour change in our Canadian landscape centres totally upon trees. The rich reds, yellows and oranges belong to the maples...predominately the hard maples...and the Sugar maple is "The King of Colour". These the undulating ribbons of hardwood coilour are broken everywhere by the complimentary greens of the stands of various coniferous varieties which share our forest spaces. Needless to say, the artist's eye and heart are overcome the point of colour "drunkenness" under its influence.This effect on the artist is akin to the anticipation of opening day to waterfowlers and deer hunters... or to July for the avid gardeners. It is the "High Holiday" period...the "Passion" for "Me" in my artistic life!

As with all things in the cycle of life... there is a beginning ...and joy with it. Paradoxically... there is an inevitable end as well...and with it comes some bittersweet sadness. Yesterday was that day for "Me". I had a few remaining forays on the planning board board to complete... but the Witch of Hallow e'en blew into our Oro-Medonte Hills viciously overnight on the coat tails of a rainstorm to douse and destroy those plans for the season.

I had found a lovely stand of tamaracks, or larch, as they are called in some parts. They are tall...straight and stately bluish green conifers, but become golden and feathery at this time of year because they are the only conifer to lose their needles over the winter. They are a marker for "Me" in the process of seasonal change... and I always dedicate one foray "out there".... to do at least one sketch of them in their autumn costume. As I approached this stand...I could see golden skeins stretched across the barren grayness of the paved road ahead. I realized immediately, that this opportunity was lost to me.

I had allowed myself two hours for the trip and task combined... planning to make a 10x12" panel study within an hour span. I had to be back to the Gallery to open at 10:00 am...since my lovely wife and partner (in everything) Deb had flown yesterday to Yorkton, Saskatchewan to meet her new Grandgirl Ella... to trick-or-treat for the first time with her beloved Ava... and to spend time with her Son Spencer and his lovely wife Jody. Deb is the backbone of The Paint Box Gallery."She" makes it run efficiently....and brings a peace to "Me"... that permits me to do what "I" choose to do...and must....PAINT! Something to remember for those who aspire to own their own gallery business. Don't be confused! The Gallery owns "You"...not the other way around! You have to be there to sell your work. the gallery commissions gracefully...and "play" by the "rules" of that business arrangement... and be free to travel and paint without worry about the sales initiatives.

With this plan in a way..."gone with the wind"...I moved in thought immediately to Plan "B". I headed back to Rumble's Flour and Feed Mill... a lovely faded red behemoth located about two minute's drive from our home and Gallery. I set up quickly... rain was threatening...and my view was located in the middle of the pasture that adjoins the mill. The dash was too quickly undertaken and I paid for that lack of care... by catching my pant leg as I passed through the hole in fence and falling backward with gear in hand. I caught hold of the fence with my right hand and broke the fall, but in so doing... grabbed the unforgiving barbed wire and punctured my index finger. I passed the gear through the fence first... then followed and got to the chosen spot. I stemmed the blood flow with a clean shop towel and set up quickly. After a moment of deep breathing and "looking"....I launched into the painting process. Everything progressed well after that initial "fall from grace". The weather held off...and I headed home exactly one hour after starting... with the 10x12" sketch in (bloody) hand...satisfied with the outcome.After tending to the wound in my finger, I set up the sketch on my easel and "tweaked" a few areas over ten minutes.... signed it and placed it into a frame. It was obviously a worthwhile morning. "Faded Rose" seemed somehow cheerier... to be "indoors"... surrounded by "Friends"!

I apologize for the lengthy post... but the purpose of this blog is to familiarize and share my thoughts, process and methods. Think of it as a chance for us to chat...or even to be together for a painting session outdoors. Such a wonderful thing is Cyberspace... when that can be accomplished in seconds across vast distances. Forgive my wordiness... and take from the posts what "You" wish.

I wish All...Good painting!

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