Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Journaling With Paint

Though I'm not exactly sure that "journaling" is a correct verb...or even a word for that matter. It really doesn't matter. I do feel that "my" term "journaling" with paint accurately describes my intentions whenever I paint. Each painting records a specific place and time... and furthermore, even mood...or my state of mind at the time. Over the course of my lifetime I have painted several thousand paintings and filled numerous sketchbooks which when laid side-by-side...would record a very substantial part of my time and interests. On many canvases in the past I have also included written expressions in the form of verse, prose and poetry...or simply a thought. I have collected these on napkins, show programmes, in sketchbooks and on my computer...but with no attention to arranging them, or creating any substance.

Having thought about this for some time, I decided a month ago to attempt a book that gathered together both the written and the painted expressions. After some initial struggling, I did manage to put together what I feel is at least a representative overview of these two separate but related activities. "Two Voices"- Paintings With Poetry was what emerged from this project.I felt a great sense of accomplishment in having completed the task and now have a record for my children, family members, loyal friends and collectors...all of whom have encouraged my passionate journey.I would offer it as an idea for any artist...if simply to look at your own art and to place it under your own view motives and contribute to your own artistic growth and development. Say what?
Good painting!

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