Saturday, August 8, 2009

Cruising...through a wet summer

This summer has been very unseasonable for our area. Rain seems to be the order of business every weekend...and for much of the week as well.The corn is heat to speak of...and drenched fields.Unusually fast running rivers, streams have taken 6 lives in our area.Tourist travel is down...and the mood of the "average man" is low..or at least complaining.

Fortunately, I have the warmth of studio lights and my easel to dispel those feelings and a goodly number of supportive clients who have graciously given me commissions to work at. I am blessed...and truly grateful for these opportunities!

On Thursday, I accompanied an interior designer I work with to a sumptuous home...with bare walls beckoning. The prospective clients already have a few pieces of my work and are looking for some more to place in their new "castle"- Cape Cod period. They are nice folk....a necessary ingredient for me in the commission undertaking. I have to have a good feeling about them...and their home.That point was easily reached in one meeting with them.

So the next part of the process is to produce several "thumbnails" which serve to allow me to present my "inclinations"...prior to undertaking the 48 x 60 inch canvas they have requested for their living room. Since the dimensions of the final painting g are 48 x 60 inches...I will use an 8 x 10 in sketch panel format for these "thumbnails".Each will focus mainly upon subject...composition...and colour aspects of the final selection...but NOT detail. I give them my "idea" then request 5the permission to "run with the idea"...artistically.

I am excited to begin....already have six landscape subjects in mind...and am doing rough ink thumbnails to kick start my artistic juices!Let the game begin!!!

Cheers...and good painting to all! Stay tuned!

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