Sunday, April 26, 2009

"Truly Seeing"

Truly "seeing"....involves a lot more than simply looking. Looking is usually a temporary,or cursory act simply to observe briefly...and then carry on. "Seeing"...on the other hand... to me necessitates a lengthier time given to analyzing,comparing,measuring,evaluating to truly"understand"...rather than just to observe.

This skill is most important in my own estimate to both beginning and sustaining the ongoing "education"path that any person must follow to increase their artistic expression. For some of us,it is an innate part of our personality. We are often viewed as "too curious"......"day dreamers"...."not paying attention"..."off in our own little world"...ALL of which are true!

Basically, we all learn through four sensory channels: sight,hearing,taste and touch.Ideally, we should incorporate a balanced combination of all four to be successful in social situations...most especially in school. Unfortunately, we are all products of school experiences which are more heavily weighted towards listening...then copying what has been spoken...and then being tested long afterward to evaluate our "success"...even intelligence and aptitude for future success in life.

Only a fortunate few escape this devaluing experience. Those who manage to do so can thank caring and respectful parents...or a teacher or"mentor" who contributes the necessary interest and encouragement of the talent they discern early. I was blessed to have been nurtured by all three of these caring individuals."I" am...who you helped "Me" to become...and "I" am forever grateful for your gifts!

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