Friday, April 24, 2009

A Shaky Start

I spend most of my times these days working solo...especially when painting in the outdoors.Being alone to work with my thoughts and ideas is new to me really...being a school teacher for almost thirty years demanded that I "was always available" to help others learn ...and to reach their fullest potential.

I paint occasionally with a few close friends, but much enjoy communing with my own thoughts...and to move about freely in search of subjects that appeal to me on my own schedule.

Perhaps this might seem somewhat selfish to some...but with too many years already behind me...I cherish each and every opportunity to get "out there"and to search out those sacred places..."beside still waters."Each hour...with good health and good painting are amongst my richest blessings!

Perhaps this blog might be a way to share my findings in a personal and open manner...and still retain this independence.I invite you to join "Me" in this way ... to comment...and to add to my ideas expressed here on this site!
Cheers!...and good painting to all!
Bruce Sherman

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