Sunday, April 12, 2020

Easter... Be "Hoppy!"

                                  "Rockport Resurrection" - For Allison

This is a different kind of Easter for certain. Any sense of celebration this year pales in comparison to most others... no matter our tendency to (over) chocolate coat and to place the great focus on family turkey dinner gatherings.

The streets are bare... and the rush in the candy departments and butcher shops is non-existent in my eyes. It is, at best... a halfhearted feeling around in a very darkened world... coated mostly in fear and apprehension not in celebrating.

We are fast approaching the 3rd anniversary of of our dear daughter Allison's tragic passing on April 26th, 2017. All celebrations are much less than they were prior to her untimely leaving. We depend on each other to band together to help celebrate these events... if for no other reasons than for the young children we adore and the fact that Allie expected us to lead our lives fully in her honor. And we do that.

Each of us has our own unique approach to doing this... and the situation this year will test that to its fullest. We can't be together and share company and meals. How do e accomplish this???

Here's my own personal plan.  My plan has been running in full swing for over two weeks now:

"I paint... therefore... I am"

I have created a virtual gallery of small quick oil sketches on 5 x 7 inch panels. I place each as it is completed on its own small easel. The rack has three shelves , each shelf capable of housing three of these wee gems as they appear from my easel.

The subject matter is purposely varied. Yesterday's sketch was a tribute to my now grown sons Liam and Bryn. It has a definite Easter "feel" ... being a still life holding their treasured personal egg cups. Bryn was Mouse... Liam the Loud Lion. Very appropriate!

 Overheard this morning: Liam to Bryn

"What do you mean... Easter is cancelled???"

Here is a shot recording the Grand Opening of our new and virtual Sherman Pandemic Paint Box Gallery. The virtual visitors have been very supportive and enthusiastic. Could this perhaps not... be just a joke???

I wonder...

I will venture out soon to pay a visit with Allison... at her commemorative tree planted in her honor on the Kingston waterfront in front of the Kingston General Hospital where she received treatment s... and finally passed. IT is the place where the Sherman Circle of Loved ones and Friends meet to honor her on special occasions.

Then back to my easel to complete another Pandemic Painting.

Stay tuned...

PS  Happy Easter to all! Stay Home... and Stay healthy! Blessings to your house from ours!

"This too... shall pass."


  1. Hello Bruce, greetings from lockdown Scotland! hoping to move towards the end of it soon. I must say I do very much like your new wee paintings. It is amazing how much information can be put down on a tiny canvas. Have you done anymore? Looking forward to seeing them if you have. Hope the sun is shining over with you. Take care now! Best wishes Caroline

  2. Hi there Lass... Sorry for the delay in responding! To tell the truth... I had pretty much given up on continuing this blog due to the lack of interest... interaction, The pandemic had struck Blogger... and its artists way before the virus shut communication down.

    I attempted one more go at it with this small format subjects that were personal ( to me) and smallish(ly) insignificant to many others I'd imagine. My point being... that NO SUBJECT... even those close by or previously explored lacked possibility to become something better and worthwhile revisiting again.

    Thank you for this response... it does restore... to a small degree myt faith in Blogger as a suitable platform to reach out.

    We celebrated Allie's third anniversary just days ago. I have been posting to Face Book... so there are indeed more "goodies" there. Let's stay in touch. Good luck with your work!

    Warmest regards,

  3. Hi Bruce, just noticed you are now on facebook! sent you a friend request! Good to see your voice there. Yes it is sad about our blogs, they have been a fine diary, an important way of recording feelings and thoughts about artwork too. I don't know what will happen to them. I also have felt a bit disappointed about the lack of response on my blog too. Though I thank you for kindly visiting me and your comments too. Much appreciated. Look after yourself, and happy painting my friend. Best wishes Caroline

  4. I ALWAYS enjoyed our sharing Lass... and seeing your ideas take shape. No fear - platform doesn't matter. See you... and "talk" to you on Face Book!

    Good health... rich blessings and good painting! Stay safe!
    Warmest regards,

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