Sunday, March 1, 2020

"What a Difference... A Day Makes..." Part One

Yes... the title of my post for today is derived from a soothing hit pop single by Dinah Washington in 1956. Today... some forty-four years later her soothing voice "speaks " still to me and rekindles a sense of peace and possibility.

Combine this with the plein air painting experience that I was blessed to share with my long time friend David Kay and one can easily understand how painting... and music can shape one's state of happiness.

Today's post comes with  a strangely unexpected  twist. Scarcely one day after the huge success we enjoyed together at Smuggler's Cove, David and I came face to face with winter weather that was much less encouraging, or forgiving... especially for me!

Heading out to our second site located right across the road in historic Barriefield Village, we recognized immediately the challenge ahead of us. The wind strafed our roadside set up. So we decided to paint under the overhanging lid of the trunk. It was indeed a very cramped space, but despite this fact David immediately launched into his usual setup... including two bungee cord straps to secure his easel to the trunk of my van.

I, on the other hand tried to summon enough courage to even kick start my own set up. So blustery and punishing was the wind and drizzle, I even considered just watching David work. But I finally and reluctantly, I decided to join in "the fun" with him.

Though I searched diligently, I found no success in finding my own kit... including my paint box, or my paints. Then, I pictured them... nestled together in a warm corner of my small apartment studio.

Euchred - is the word that comes to mind. Another "E' word.  Embarrassed also comes to mind. David doesn't rub it in... but his puckish smile achieves a similar result. What a gaff!

At least I had my easel and a burnt sienna toned 10 x 12 inch canvas. David graciously offered a small pointer bristle brush and permission to dip into his titanium white on his palette. I did so and managed to carry this failed orphan home at the end of a very much shortened on location session.

Here is that misfire... unabridged in my studio. David came back with something much more substantial. Good on you David! Your inspiration will power me to step up to save face at least... on another day!

                                                       The drab site...

                                   The unfinished  "Black Sheep" version

Look at the rich color... dynamic composition and certainty of his brushwork! Bravo David! I'm inspired!!!

Stay tuned...

Tomorrow... and I'll be prepared!

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