Monday, November 11, 2019

Grateful Remembrance...

Monday, November 11th, 2010. It is cold and wintry place.... freshly  transitioned from blazing fall colors and harvest. The world seems so very cold. Somewhere between brooding and grieving. I easily attuned to the feelings of loss. 

It would be so easy to simply give in to melancholy and self-pity. But I must admit that I have a truer appreciation of loss and the feelings that come with that void in one's being. I will not journey any further down that road with you. I will not dwell on that further because we do still have choices we can make to help one cope with and embrace ... if only to offer Hope and Purpose.

"Where Have All the Flowers Gone" - oil on canvas 12 x 10 inches

Captain Matthew Dawes - Princess Patricia Light Infantry, 27 years old Killed by roadside bomb in Afghanistan, July 4th, 2007

Allison and Ella's Undergrad Convocation moment... a cherished memento which lives brightly on in our hearts. 

"At the going down of  each sun... and in the morning, we do remember them." 

                                                                      Forest Folk... and Kindred Spirits... FOREVER!!

Never goodbye my Dearest Sweet Heart . 

"Ciao... et Grazie! Ci vediamo dall'altra parte. Tutto il mio amore,

My commemorative Stamp Portrait design permits Allie to continue her travel adventures... anywhere... and especially back to her beloved city of Venezia.

In closing this post, let me share my own observation and belief:  

That fearing death is normal human response. But if one can rise up and view death as an opportunity to learn more about themselves and the potential richness of life .... day to day. 

In a recent Spotlight on Aging article, Bereavement Support Manager Sarah Reid Hedberg suggests  that one might eventually be able to "view death as a teacher, not a threat. And that people are infinitely valuable not only in life, but at death as well."

I currently struggle with mixed emotions and some inability to totally operate with this grace and acceptance. But I do try each and every day to put one foot ahead of the other and to contribute to Allison's journey to educate. She encouraged me to "Believe in miracles."

On Friday past, I was invited to offer a talk describing my journey as an artist in nearby Westport to a group of 80+ artists  . I accepted with some trepidation. I decided to begin my presentation using Allie's portrait to "break the ice" and as a springboard to encourage thought and discussion.

I accomplished that and held attention beginning to end. I was asked at the conclusion of the presentation to consider offering plein air workshop in the spring.

I now see a vision of continued presentations for the same purpose. Reaching out... versus retreating painfully inward.

May the world embrace peaceful tidings and reach out in brotherhood. Let us bring down more walls... and argue against building borders to keep fellow men from free movement and opportunity. Would that kind of free world better honor our Fallen???

"Lest we forget."

I wonder...
Stay tuned

I would share this solace that I received and felt during this year's  National Remembrance  Ceremony observed on Parliament Hill in Ottawa. Matthew Dawe' s mother was honored as this year's Silver Cross Mother to represent all Canadian mothers who had lost children during wars... to place a wreath on their behalf . It was very moving for me. A bitter-sweet moment of sadness mixed equally with pride. Never forgotten... WE will remember.

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