Saturday, April 20, 2019


Spring dripped in... ever more slowly it seemed this year than usual. Despite several false starts... it has finally tumbled in fully. Temperatures have risen dramatically... as have the creeks and streams... swollen to overflowing with melt water. Winter is definitely in rapid retreat. Hope has replaced despair. New choirs of bird song are added daily it seems... piping in swelling thoughts of Rebirth... and Resurrection.

Rockport Resurrection... Faith and Hope

                   Drip!... Drip!... Drip!... Sweet Taste of Spring - oil on canvas 20 x 16 inches

         Past memories shared... can still be felt... and held if not in the hand... then close to the heart

A largish watercolor memory entitled "Afternoon Recess" of a glorious spring day spent with the Drummond Family near Spencerville... and the sharing of hot pancakes dripping with Canadian liquid gold and locally made sausages. Annual rite of spring... for them... and myself! 

The result of a fifteen year "sweet" springtime relationship with the Smail Family near Groveton, Ontario. A portrait of "Old Majestic"- now disappeared... along with the Smail operation and bush. A 400 year old sugar maple whose ancient hatchet slash wounds just above the roots whispered the presence of indigenous harvests using birch bark containers... long before European settlers' feet first sullied the landscape. A sweet taste of renewal... even back then. The elixir of spring that brought  long and treacherous winters of hunger and hardship to an abrupt end. Life is a cycle governed (mostly) by Nature! 

Human Passage and Transition

Human existence is no different. It is simply the earthly stage passing beyond into another plane of existence. The same laws and tragedies play out in our own daily lives as well. The difference lies only in our ability, or inability to respond to these changes and to permit safe passage, or transition through these tests.

I can assure you that one never "gets over" such losses. They follow you through the rest of your measure of time and they rear their wretched heads unmercifully at times. Each of us must choose our own path and find touch points to maintain positivity and health. Both come into play... and must be addressed... or lost. But in our own time frame and unique way.

Fortunately, I have a uniquely wonderful collection of family who has chosen to join hands to keep Allison's memory alive and present in an active fashion in family celebrations and events. My painting... and my writing/sharing here in this blog are ways specifically carried out by my hand alone. 

On Thursday... Joan, Deb and I met at Allison's commemorative ginkgo tree on the waterfront to decorate it with the colorful handmade Easter eggs which Deb crafted in stained glass and Joan had purchased. After some quiet sharing... we met back at Joan's house for a wonderful lunch of spinach quiche (Allie's fav food) and a rich brew of stiff coffee to warm up the bones after the biting cold wind coming relentlessly off Lake Ontario.

Here are some quiet moments from Easter Celebration - 2019

                                                 Easter eggs-actly... at Allie's ginkgo tree!

                                        Mom and Dad... with you in spirit... ALWAYS Allie!

                             Dad and "your other Mother", as you called her...  honoring "You"

                    "Choose Love"... the Taro card that you selected for me Brave Heart... AND I DO!!!

The portrait  "Il Camino di Allie" that I completed to honor you has been entered into the Kingston Prize portrait competition for 2019. Fingers crossed!!!

Stay tuned...

Happy Easter to you Sweetheart... and to all of my blog Followers!! 

PS More transition to come. Our move to Kingston is complete. We made a final trip to gather the last dregs of "stuff" to be dealt with. We definitely are "living tinier"... and that will take some getting use to over time, We attended a fish fry at the home of good friends Captain Wayne and Mate Jane Green of Rockport in his man cave/gathering place. A friendly gathering of river folk that we have enjoyed during our ten year stint in Rockapulco.

Stay tuned... for further updates... one is already in the making...


  1. Hi Bruce good to hear your move to Kingston is now finally completed. Nice to hear you got out with the fly fishing folk. Being out on the river is wonderful for both you and Deb. Hope your little grandchild is doing well and hope to see pics here if possible! I also sent you a link in the last post regarding Sciatica stretches and exercises, very important you and Deb do them. Take care and Happy Easter! Caroline in Scotland, doing her shoulder exercises!

  2. Happy Easter Lass!... Yes we are finally settled in and are enjoying our new space and life in Kingston. I shall indeed share some pics and a welcome post to introduce wee Reese, our latest angel here on my blog.

    The sciatica seems to be dissipating in severity ...thank heavens. Fingers crossed. Thanks for your interest and for sending along the exercises.

    Keep at those shoulder exercises on your end!

    Warmest regards and good spring painting,

  3. Well hello there. I am glad the sciatica is easing a bit for you - I hope for Deb too. You both look to be standing comfortably and Allie's tree looks like it is doing well too.
    I had been wondering how you are both doing after the move. It can take a while to settle a change of home is such a big thing. Looking forward to hearing your news and adventures. Best wishes.

  4. Good morning Lisa!

    I always look forward to our visits and sharings. Though we live miles apart in some ways... our lives seem to travel in parallel with each other. Art does indeed knit lives together... and though our techniques and mediums do differ, the common spirit and energy we share merges to become one.

    Spring has already ushered in some favourable changes in our health for certain and also our feeling of home has been firmly restored. We love our new space and its amenities.

    Look forward to getting over to your site to see what you have on the go - always an uplifting surprise!

    We are off to celebrate as a gathering of family and friends at Allie's gingko tomorrow morning. Afterward... we will have brunch at one of her favorite food haunts... and ours.. "The Toast and Jam"... home of great food... baked goods and hospitality.

    We choose to celebrate her "passing over"... never passing away. She awaits us in the next plane. I am a believer! Never doubted that... but not in the terms of most religions. Like a good wine... mine is aged and blended over time... and with thought. lol

    Happy Spring Sweet Friend!,
    Warmest regards,

  5. Happy Spring to you and your family and friends, Bruce. Your strength is an inspiration and I hope the resurgence of warmth and new life brings you peace and happiness - and the desire to paint again. Your portrait of Allie is spectacular and so very, very loving. It can be seen and felt.

  6. Thank you for your kind and continued presence Susan. I much admire your own work... and therefore greatly value your response to Allison's portrait. "Good" art always comes from the soul and heart. Good simply... because it never fails to communicate with the viewer.

    Thank you!

    Warmest regards... and Happy Spring Painting to You!