Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Finding Love... in the strangest places

                                                              Scottish Seashore Heart

                                                         Asphalt Heart in our driveway

                                                    Heart peeking out through winter ice

"Damaged" heart

                                           A small segment of Allie's Garden of hearts

                                                                     Pothole Heart

Sea Glass Heart... from the Barbados

Brick shard heart from St. Andrew's, Scotland 
Gathered on my visit to celebrate Allie's PhD Grad

                                       " A little love... on the side".... OOPS! ... Naughty Bruce!

Bird Feeder Heart

Love... going down the drain... Unstaged! Really!

Love... in the making.... in the dead of winter!

"Foamy" hearts... from the tin... every time I shave! 

Our beloved Mr Chips says it best Folks:

"Home... is where the Heart is!"

Humankind ... and particularly lovers fete Valentine's Day with profuse heart offerings to openly profess their love on a single day each year... February 14th. The Natural World celebrates using the heart ever so quietly... almost everywhere on the planet and in every season of the year.

Little wonder that the creative minds of musicians, poets, artists, artisans and architects latched onto the heart as a template for recreating harmony and whimsy. The heart trumpets its magical presence and the power of love in its very form... as no other geometric shape does.

I spend so much "quiet" time with Nature that the discovery of a new heart... in a new place, in itself is not surprising in any way to me. However, each discovery '"touches my heart" and beckons to me to share the experience and object with those whose "hearts" are open to the mystery of its creation... and my finding it.

My dear daughter Allison and I had a ritual that lasted right up to her passing. On each and every visit to see/be with her... I delivered a heart that I had found on the way to that visit to her. It was a ritual that led to her window ledge becoming the "heart depository."

It is a ritual that I have continued on my nightly walks. Every night I return with an example of s heart to add to our growing garden display. Visitors have made it a special site to photograph... and I am always anxious to share the Heart Story with them. "The beat"... goes on!

Hearts appear even during winter... on frost-etched windows,stone walls, grassy areas in the snow of our bird feeding stations.

Finding  a Story of Love... within Sorrow and Loss

Yesterday afternoon, Deb, Joan and I met in Kingston to celebrate my (??th) birthday. After a delightful birthday brunch treat at the Toast and Jam Eatery... we went down to Allie's Ginkgo tree memorial and hung lovingly crafted "heart gifts" created by Deb to brighten a colder than usual  February 14th Valentine's Day. I thank Deb for taking time  (on her own initiative) to provide this colorful and uplifting tribute for us all. We all departed feeling better about our lives and the blessing of life that was ours to share.

                                                              A Heart ... within a heart

                     Even Love.. in the smallest doses counts... in the big picture

                              Hearts can be warm... even in the cool shadow of winter

Love... lifts me higher

                                              Hang in there everyone! Share your love!

So on this very special Valentine's Day, I send along to all of you my,,,heartfelt" wishes for rich Blessings of Health, Joy and Happiness.

Good Painting ... to ALL!... and ...Happy Valentine's Day!!!


  1. Oh my what a cold looking landscape of deep snow. The pretty glass hearts bring cheer to a white winter wonderland. It is amazing how many hearts can be found, the shaving foam made me smile! Wishing you too Health, Joy, Happiness and belated Birthday wishes Bruce. Best wishes Caroline

  2. Hi Caroline!... It has indeed been a long and viciously cold winter.

    The whole purpose of the stained glass heart celebration we hoped... was to offset the cold backdrop with some warm sparkle and Valentine's Day love.

    As cold as the icy wind was from Lake Ontario... each of us walked away feeling warm in our hearts that we honored Allie on this special day.

    I hate shaving Lass... but the "heart -in-hand" start never fails to make me smile either.

    Thanks for your visit and best wishes Lass!~

    Warmest regards,

  3. Thanks for this lovely post for Valentine’s Day, Bruce. loved seeing all the hearts. Love is all around us, if we only take the time to see it :). Wishing you a wonderful February and an inspiring spring to come (it won’t be long now!). I raise a toast to Allie, who keeps creating more love around us.

  4. Hello Rhonda!... My "heartfelt" thanks for your lovely comments of support!

    Yes indeed... "Love" is around us in great abundance... and can be found joyfully in the most ordinary places.

    Wishing you an inspiring spring in your own work and sharing. I much look forward to seeing what you can come up with!

    You're right about Allie too! The love just keeps pouring in from everywhere Rhonda... so many testimonials to her love and special gifts that keep on giving!

    Warmest regards,

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