Sunday, October 8, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving... or Being Happy... Giving Thanks!

Thanksgiving represents that moment in the year when the busy-ness of our lives reaches a natural conclusion. For eons, the changing of the seasons and the celebration the abundance of harvest have given mankind around the planet the urge to recognize and to share the bounty ceremonially with those around them in celebration.

That ritual often physically brings together the young and the elderly in most families to sit around a common table prepared and shared by those we cherish. Thanksgiving has remained a precious moment of giving thanks and reflection that I have always looked forward to  sharing with my family members and special friends. This Sony moment from 2015 captures such a momentous occasion and clearly illustrates the tenor of such celebrations for the whole Sherman clan.

What a difference time can make... as it passes silently without notice or warning. Thanksgiving 2017 will indeed shape-shift, as it must to accommodate changes that none of us could have imagined at the time that Andrew took this photo.

This year's Thanksgiving will be moved to Andrew and Melissa's home in Rockwood, an hour west of Toronto. Allison, Deb and I will be attending... in spirit only... for Thanksgiving 2017. What is important to acknowledge... is that the tradition must prevail to preserve Allie's precious memory and the need to ... give thanks for the daily blessings... past and present.

Our other family members will be celebrating in other places with their own loved ones... which left Deb and I with a "short list" of attendees at our table here in Rockport. I learned from the experience of my Mom and Dad's Thanksgiving observances that I attended here on the River... that there were always friends in our lives who would face being alone as well.

One such wonderful friend in Allison's life and our own is Chris Howitt. Chris has been an ever present supporter of all Shermans... so reaching out was easy. His willingness to be included at this year's Thanksgiving table brings Deb and I both great joy and happiness. I'm sure that Allison will smile upon... and be present in spirit both Sherman gatherings.

A glass of Prosecco will be hoisted by each of us to begin our Thanksgiving meal... to toast her continuing and ever lasting presence at our table and in our hearts...

I love you forever dearest Jemima

Strange how the Universe works its magic... mysteriously... moment by moment. A comment via my blog from a very dear and supportive Scottish contributor, Caroline Simmill jumped out at me and has (perhaps) shifted me artistically... in a slightly new direction.

Stay tuned.

These three favorite paintings depicting past "thanks - giving" moments and sentiments add three small clues...

                                        "Bounteous Blessings" - oil on canvas 30 x 24 inches 

                                                      "Memories of Allison in Venice"

A table top painting gifted to Allison to commemorate her undergrad convocation and first experience in her beloved Venezia. Again... the words that I chose to include on its surface ominously (now) foreshadow events ... as they unfolded in her later life.

Happy Thanksgiving... and rich blessings of Health, Joy and Happiness to All!!!


  1. Good morning Rhonda...Thankful for many blessings and for blogging friends like you.

    Good Painting and blessings back to you!
    Warmest regards,

  2. Happy Thanksgiving Bruce! great post from you. I am wondering about your new direction, how exciting and thanks for the mention. Best wishes Caroline

  3. Good evening Caroline... And Happy Thanksgiving back to you from Canada! The direction is not totally "new" for me... but the encouragement to revisit the genre comes directly as a result of your observations and encouragemment. Thank you for that inspiration!

    I am almost ready to get underway with it... but as always is the case for me... there remains the thought process and the multiple choices that need to be juggled and decided upon - the spade work that leads into the "fun" part... painting!

    Stay tuned...

    Warmest regards,