Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Alone... Together

Strange "couple" here in this title. But they do in fact best describe both my state of mind at times... and my connection to Allison. This Yin and Yang pairing perhaps create a better understanding of the complex dynamics of grief and loss... and also the process whereby one navigates this "new normal".

There is no setting aside the deeply embedded yearning for her presence... nor are there any words to sufficiently describe or soften the ongoing grief that we who loved her so dearly feel because of her absence. But paradoxically, within the state of aloneness that grief creates there also exists an opposing and unexpected feeling of togetherness.

My painting serves today as it always has in my life as something that I pursue with joy and passion. It is the rudder and the compass of my ship. Art conjoined Allie and I during our entire lives... and even in death's company... Art draws us strangely ever together in spirit and purpose.

Shown below is a smallish plein air sketch completed during this past week. It was completed on site in less than two hours and lifted my spirits greatly.

"Summer Psalm" - oil on canvas 10 x 12 inches

And for my own purposes at this moment...  I can "see" Beyond.

I love Jemima Puddle Duck... forever!

Good Painting !... to ALL... and rich blessings.


  1. Good evening Bruce, it's good to see you getting out and throwing yourself into what you love best. I'm sure as you keep painting, Allison will always be there looking over your shoulder.

    Keep painting,

  2. Very beautiful summer landscape painting !!!

  3. Good mnorning (here) Keith... It was wonderful to visit your site and discover that you are doing the same in your corner of the world. I too feel as you have mentioned Keith... that Allie is right at my side in spirit because Art was so deeply embedded and necessary in both of our souls. Add to that... the presence of special friends like yourself who have shared our painting passion and love of the landscapes we are blessed to have been placed in. And I feel deeply blessed. Thank you for stopping by Keith.

    Good Painting!
    Warmest regards,

  4. Thank you for your visit and very encouraging comment Art Traveller.

  5. Lovely painting Bruce, I almost feel as if I am there! You have captured the spirit of the day. They appears to be a gentle wind blowing the tops of the trees on a warm summers day full of bright sunshine. Thank you for sharing this painting session with us. Allison is certainly with you in spirit Bruce.

  6. A lovely sketch, a very fresh feeling to it.
    Best wishes.

  7. Having come from my husband's 92-year-old brother's funeral this past weekend, I know that, no matter how long you have someone, you still miss them terribly when they are gone from this earth. And you also miss the potential and possible days Allison could have had. I am so sorry for your terrible loss and hope you can find comfort in feeling her beside you, watching you paint, walking along, remembering all the lovely days you shared with your girl.

  8. Good morning Rhonda!... Thank you ever so much for your visit and sensitive comments of encouragement. It is indeed the loss of Allison's right to enjoy the "potential and possibility" that I grieve so deeply for. But as well... it is the loss to the world and students that she loved and shared ideas with that compounds that grief even more.

    I am carrying on however... as she asked me to do... sharing the spirit of a mission of passion we both shared for our common love... Art. She does sit beside me... each and every time I open my paint box en plein air. And I "see" and "feel" her presence.... everywhere.

    Let's stay and touch. I am trying to encourage valuable blogging friends to keep the blogging world alive. So many have fled to other social media... to "peddle their wares". Was never my intent here. Art is so much more than $$$... You and I know that. Look forward to more visits and chats.

    Gopod Painting!
    Warmest regards my Friend,