Wednesday, August 10, 2016

"MIndfulness" is... "The Big Magic"

I am making a brief return to my blog today to recognize and to celebrate the birthdays of  a handful of very special people who form the cornerstone of my present and past success. Ironically... or maybe not, they all share August birthdays.

Today.. August 10th is my wife Deb's birthday. We have chosen to celebrate the day simply with an evening meal and get together with my daughter Allison and her Mom Joan. It is a blessing for me and our blended families to witness the true feelings of love and friendship which these two women share. It speaks so eloquently of their splendid souls... and the power of true sisterhood. We... are deeply blessed.

I would like to share a series of jpegs which chronicle the birth of a very special commission which Deb created for The Church of the Redeemer here in Rockport for the family of the late William (Bill) Hargett of Charlotte, South Carolina.

Ann and her loving family wanted to create a memorial in this quaint riverside Anglican clapboard church to commemorate Bill's pastoral contributions over a spoan of almost fifty years and their presence as a family on their beloved Saint Lawrence River. They chose Deb... as we all do because of her genuineness as a friend and her obvious passion and artisanship in stained glass.

Deb and Ann spent some time together to flesh out some biographical facts in order for Deb to relate to the subject... the family's wishes and the essential  facts about Bill that would "read" iconographically to visitors to this church.

I will let the sequence of jpegs that I have selected speak for themselves to offer you the same opportunity to ponder the theme of her wonderfully colorful and expressive window. The cherry window frame was hand made by a local wood craftsman, Barry Wanless... who turned out to be a student from my very first grade seven class in Brockville. Serendipity you would say???... Not I!

The Universe works in mysterious ways

Cutting the  bristol board pattern into separate pieces

Each bristol board piece is hand cut and laid into the template form for each section of the window

Each piece of glass must then be lined with copper foil to fit the section of the window accurately

Each piece must be soldered to adjoin those around it in a uniform fashion. Then it must be repeated for the reverse side again

Middle section completed

Top section completed

Middle section foiled... ready to be soldered

The God Head... "three in one"... finally

The window installed... and back lit 

Deb and Ann sharing a special  moment after the service

The Hargett Gals with their window!... Those smiles are worth a million $$$ to an artist!!

Deb with her Hillsdale girl friend Grace Hallyburton who came all thew way to Rockport to share the day with Deb

"Mind.ful.ness" is the state of being centered squarely in the present through conscious meditation and daily practices which encourage and develop one's ability to live in accordance with... "what is".
Drawing from the present to create a pathway which is satisfying and rewarding through one's one gifts and talents is in my humble opinion... the "BIG MAGIC" in life.

I am privileged... honored and blessed to have such a wife, partner and best friend to share that path with. We are truly blessed.!

Happy Birthday JBG!... I love "You"... to the moon and back... and forever!!!

Stay tuned... I will add a joint celebratory posting on August 16th to celebrate the lives of my mentor-parents Don and Jean Sherman. Could never pass up an opportunity to give thanks for their combined lifetimes of love and support.


  1. Good Morning Bruce, and a belated Happy Birthday to Deb. It was so nice to see the working process for the window, and to see it looking magnificent installed in the church.

    You are truly blessed in your extended and talented family!

    All the best,

  2. It's so nice to see you again, Bruce, even for just a brief moment!

    Deb's artistry is amazing! What a beautiful tribute to this man...and for his family!

    Happy birthday Deb...and hello Bruce! We miss you!

  3. Good evening Keith!... Thank you for your visit and kind words to help celebrate Deb's special day and artisanship!

    It is a great... and unusual blessing to have such connection and complete sense of unconditional love. Each one of us values this relationship and we are each willing... always to reach out to the others to maintain harmony and truth.

    We are deeply blessed!

    Thanks for your kee3n interest and uplifting words Keith- always appreciated!

    Good Painting!
    Warmest regards,

  4. Hi there Wendy!... Thank you for adding your birthday greeetings and compliments for Deb! I'll pass them along!

    We truly are proud of our entire extended families... each and every one. Each brings a unique flavor and facet that enriches the whole.

    We are truly blessed!

    Good Painting and Happy Summer Wendy!
    Warmest regards,