Thursday, May 5, 2016

"M" Words...

The month of May has been flipped over on my calendar... offering clean new space to fill with tasks and new possibilities. The first "M" word May... offers Deb and I welcome release from our winter "captivity" in our basement studio into the fresh air of our garden and river view. It is an uplifting and exciting rite of renewal.

We open The Paint Box Gallery on Mother's Day because this weekend celebrates another important "M" word for us - "Mother". Both of our Moms have passed... so the "M" word memories are all that remain. But on this special day set aside ...  we do especially remember their nurturing contributions, sacrifices and lessons that they shared so generously with us while they were part of our daily lives.

Personally, I find it difficult to separate my parents as being only female or male. I have always looked upon them as a team... both sharing the 'pulling' of the great burden of parenthood in tandem. Neither has had a larger influence upon me than the other. I am the sum total of the combined strength(s) of both.

Both contributed to and influenced the value system under which I have tried to live. I have modeled my own parenting strongly upon the template that they provided and am encouraged to see that their system... passed forward to me, and then by me to my own children has successfully been rooted. My planting now has flowered and currently bears strong promise of a beautiful and varied garden of individual blooms to bring further joy to the world.

I have neither painted, nor posted since early April... and have much missed both. But now, I am reaching the end of the necessary tasks and time that took me away. We are currently busy completing the last of our duties to ready the gallery for our Summer 2016 opening this weekend. Hopefully... the Universe will again reward us for our winter of work. Time will tell.

In closing out this short post, I felt it necessary to honour Motherhood. Mothers are truly more than the title usually suggests; they are as well mentors who share their learning and wisdom... magicians who weave the ordinary into life enriching tapestries of adventure, magic and joy for their families. Their "work"... is nothing less than... Fine Art.

What better way is there to salute them... to proudly share samples of the Fine Art that they nurtured in each of us... with the world. Here's a Mother's Day salute and a sampling of bouquets for all Moms... from my Mom and I !

Happy Mother's Day... and Good Painting to ALL... Artist Mothers!

Happy Mother's Day... "Mom and Dad"... I'll love you both... FOREVER!

 "Thank You... For the Music"

                              "There is beauty all around... when there's love at home..."

                                                                  "Keep on Smilin'..."

                                       "Seek... and find joy... in the simple things around you."

"Home... is where the Heart is!"


  1. Good evening Bruce. I had never thought about it before, but like you, I find it impossible to separate my parents. Their parenting was by teamwork, and I am blessed that they worked well together to give my brother and me and well-rounded upbringing.

    Your delightful collection of paintings do indeed reflect the nurturing that you received from your parents.

    I hope that the opening goes well.
    All the best,

  2. Good Mother's Day morning to you and your wife Keith from The Paint Box crew!

    Glad... that once again, we have thoughts in common. Surprising how much we depend upon the views and "oats" we are fed as we progress through life.

    We can continue to learn as much from a panoramic perspective of life... as we can from a rather myopic still life examination of it and an acceptance of the "status quo" version.

    Thanks for dropping by and commenting!

    Good Painting!
    Warmest regards,

  3. Dear Bruce just beautiful post and tribute to moms. The paintings are gorgeous. Have a blessed day.

  4. Dear Debbie!... Thank you for your kind words and visit!

    Mother's and Father's Day posts give me much pleasure in their creation. Each year... I am easily able to discover copious additional blessings that my parents bestowed upon me and my siblings!

    These posts replace the embraces that were handed out in a matter of fact fashion whenever we met or left each other's company. Oh how wonderful it would be to once again feel their arms around me... and the touch of their lips.

    I carry them forever in my heart and share them... with those like your Self... who "understand"!

    Happy Mother's Day Debbie!
    Warmest regards,