Friday, February 26, 2016

Work in Progress...

"Everything... is a work in progress."

The term "work in progress" is dispensed profusely... almost on a daily basis in the blogosphere... I have used it myself on occasion. I can't say what the term means to others, but in my own painting process it simply means, "I am thinking... preparing to proceed."

In most cases this occurs in the studio part of my painting activity. Most often that can be attributed to the fact that the projects undertaken in the studio are usually larger in format... perhaps more detailed and most certainly embrace a personal thought or element within the canvas. Hence... the need to lay the brushes down and sip a coffee... and just look.,.. and think.

The current canvas on my easel is such a critter. I am pulled in so many directions at the moment. I could easily "Shermanize" it... satisfying my usual need and preference to "get it down in one go." But not in this case. I feel a strong affinity for the loose... playful and child-like rendering of the subject at the lay in stage of things.
 It feels akin to the kind of image that might come from a child in terms of the application of colour. And yet... the structure denotes complexity as well. The ambiguity of facial likeness creates the possibility of the children being... anybody. The sum total for me is complete joy at this moment. The question is... Do I proceed further... or has what I wanted to convey... fully said!

Still thinking... Stay tuned...
Good Painting!... to All!!!

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