Sunday, November 8, 2015

Pausing to Remember...

November's changes bring with them a sense of reflection that quite naturally usher in an urge to look back and remember. We longingly recall the now lost warmth of summer and the rich color and pageantry of autumn now quickly faded. November reflects a pause in human activity... a perfect time to remember... and offer thanks for the blessings in each of our lives.

On Wednesday, many of us here in Canada and around the world will gather at cenotaphs to briefly remember and honor the too many women and men who unselfishly offered up their dreams and tomorrows to preserve and make possible the peace that we have lived under here at home. They too... shared places in our garden of humanity... but were viciously plucked before their lives had scarcely begun.

There are many ways to honor them. Let me count some of the simple ways. One can wear a poppy. One can take time out to attend a Remembrance Day service in one's community. One can simply lower one's head in privacy for two minutes at 11:00 am... and remember with thanks. One can conduct their own lives to include small acts of kindness and service throughout the year. There are so many ways to make their sacrifice have purpose.

I choose to offer this annual blog of remembrance to individuals within the realm of my own existence who made the supreme sacrifice for Canadians like myself and my family. I , as well will be in attendance at the Remembrance Day services in my home town, Brockville to continue to keep their memory alive. Doing these things helps me to feel that I am passing forward my own personal experiences to honor their memory and sacrifice.

                                                                   The Sentinel...

                                                         Before the parades... Cenotaph in Brockville

                    My friend and Korean veteran Jack... parading ... for his final time in 2014

                              "Where Have All the Flowers Gone"... my anthem and tribute to

                                 Captain Matthew Dawe... gone but never forgotten Matt!

Matt's Dad Colonel Peter Dawe and Matt's son Lucas presenting The Matt Dawe Memorial Sword
                              at Royal Military College Graduation Ceremonies in Kingston

CPL Nathan Cirillo... ruthlessly gunned down o October 22nd, 2014 by a homegrown terrorist
                                    while guarding The Canadian War Memorial in Ottawa

              Another fatherless young boy.... Marcus...  robbed of his dreams and family birthright

These are but a few of my reasons for setting aside a few moments of time in my life. I feel their loss... I do my best to pass forward simple kindnesses in my own fashion to honor them . Every day is a chance for me to repay my debt to them. This blog... an expression of my freedom of speech was made possible by their combined sacrifices.

Choose to remember...
Lest we forget!


  1. Let us not forget! through their sacrifice of their duty and their life we have a life of freedom. A great post, thank you Bruce.

  2. Hi there Lass... I can never forget these souls and their sacrifices Caroline.

    "No greater love... than to set down thy life for a fellow man." I think that always enters my thoughts on NOvember 11th... and Matthew's young face and his commitment to make a difference cannot be in vain.

    Thanks for dropping by and offering these lovely thoughts of your own.

    Hope that sales and interest have picked up in your neck of the woods.

    Good Painting!
    Warmest regards,

  3. Well said Bruce, God Bless all who have served, we will never forget.

    All the best to you,

  4. HI there Joan!... Good to hear from you!

    We have been blessed everywhere in the"free" world... to have men and women willing to place themselves in harm's way to preserve a way of life for their countries... families and friends.

    There is no greater gift that we can offer them in return for their service... than our gratitude and remembrance of their gift.

    No country can afford not to bow their heads tomorrow... pause... and say thank you.

    Thanks for dropping by. Have missed your presence.

    Good Painting!
    Warmest regards... and all the best to you and Mike!

  5. Thank you for this heartfelt post today, Bruce.

  6. We were both on the same page for in our thoughts Rhonda. Sometimes the world spins around on more than thoughts of art. NIce to know that others think so as well!

    Good Painting!...

    PS Good luck with the alcohol inks. Deb is using those as well... in her jewelry making!... Many uses....

    Warmest regards,